The Comeback Kid

So life happened (again.)

Remember that job (a.k.a. dream career!) at Target Canada which I absolutely loved?

this is me every morning now

If you don’t live under a rock, I no longer have that job so I’m ‘enjoying’ that #funemployment. It was super devastating because how many people can say they loved their job and everyone they worked with?! I worked with an aaaamazing team (yes Sony Centre dungeon-dwellers you are awesome too!) and I loved my crazy whirlwind tasks (my daily Mount Everest.)

I’ve had a few weeks to digest it and get over some of the major anxiety and sadness that comes with job loss. However, I’ve had amazing support from my family, friends (you really find out who the real ones are!) and coworkers.

thankz guyz xoxoxox

And if I look at it from a positive light, a life with a smooth paved road is not one worth living! How can I grow as a person if I’m smooth sailing all the time?

When I started blogging I was fresh out of my post-graduate program and needed something to do other than binge-watch television shows and job hunt. The difference between then and now is that I’m binge-watching Mad Men and Mindy Project instead of Game of Thrones and the job hunt is a little easier with a bigger network and (much) more work experience.


That being said, I am dusting off my blogging skills and keeping my communications skills fresh so I don’t forget how to streamline and also re-introducing dat sassy tone.

What am I going to write about? Probably a little fitness (I’m going on a min-cut before a family vacation to Florida in two weeks!); a rant or two about people in the fitness industry (with correct spelling and intelligent arguments, unlike the majority of my fellow fitties — sorry, I’m a communications professional and the truth hurts, lol); and likely some new recipes I’ve been trying out now that I have a lot more time on my hands.

you better be!


my all-time photo of all time

It’s blizzarding here and all I want to do is build a friggin’ snowman. (Waiting for Sheldon to get home from work. Come on maaaan.) Yeah, sometimes we skip the gym to oh, you know, live life.

olaf makes my heart smile

Oh and I so badly want to shred some pow. (I went snowboarding a couple weekends ago and my love was reignited!) Need to go, like, every weekend until the snow stops!

Conquerer of blue ◽️s and bruisin' knees #bluemountain

A photo posted by Paige Mangialardi (@itsbetterblonde) on

I don’t want to just write to write — just wanted to say hey what’s up you’ll probably see more of my posts. I’ll be seeing my bffl and her babe on Wednesday so perhaps I’ll have more juicy juice to share! (HOLLLLA STACIE PEPPA AND JTASK!)

KBYE off to watch Groundhog Day!


(send pizza)

I REALLY Suck At Blogging: An Epic

I knoooooooow it’s been a while.

To be honest, life has been cray. Reasons why I haven’t been blogging:

  • Got a new job at Target Canada (aw ya) which I absolutely love. I’ve become one of those people who enjoys going to work and talking about it after work. (Now to just work around that 6AM wakeup call….)
  • Competed at UFE Showdown like a million years ago. (Jokes! June 26. Came 4/5 in both my categories. Feel meh about it. Taking a break from competing for now. You can’t live your whole life in the cycle of prepping for a show/offseason/prepping for a show. I need to learn to love my body and train as an athlete for life. So far, I’m feeling pretty good: in a lot better of a place than my last offseason. Struggling a bit with my sweet tooth and learning how to count macros. But crushing PRs in the gym left and right and just lifting for life and enjoyment.) This is just a learning curve! Big thanks to my boyfriend for supporting me and thinking the sun shines out of my bungholio even when I feel like a potato/am too self-critical. And for all you haters, no I didn’t gain 50 lbs of winter blubber so cool your jets.
  • Did cool summa things this summa which was nice as I wasn’t prepping for a show:
    • Toronto Zoo (hi bears)
    • Outdoor mini putting
    • Lotsa roller blading
    • Lotsa burritos
    • Turned 25. (LAWD!! Sign me up for the Shoppers Drug Mart seniors discount.)
    • Went to a few beaches. Not as many as I wanted to though, as #SummerNotSummer
    • Went to a baby shower. (Have one more this summer. Enter the realm of the Shower Circuit. I’ve become really good at shopping for onesies.)
    • BBQed.
    • Swam one measly time in a pool.
    • Did a photoshoot and became a brand ambassador for Metamorfose Clothing.
    • Signed up for the BADASS Dash. Sheldon and I are gonna win. Just saying.
    • Learned how to monkey bar! (In prep for the obstacle race, lol. My biggest weakness!)

Future updates for me:

  • Learning to love my body and become stronger in the gym. ATHLETE FOR LIFE.  (Aiming for figure as I don’t have melon boobies or long, lithe legs. Also I have the waist of a six year old and the shoulders of a swimmah.)
  • Moving in with my beardy stud in October. Wooooo! He literally has the cutest bedhead.
  • Das it!

I’ll try to love you guys more. I’m sorry. Thanks to Casey for inspiring me to write a post after a long ‘sabbatical.’

Follow me on instagram (@itsbetterblonde) – I update that a lot more frequently and you can get any updates on my life from there. (Liiiiike the time I dyed my hair half brown. Ombre! Ole!)



Do You Even Bikini Prep/I Suck At Blogging: 8 WEEKS OUT

….I have left you like a jar of peanut butter with half a tablespoon left in the bottom that is too little to scoop out with a spoon (anything less than 6 tablespoons is just pointless to consume!)

me + peanut butter 5eva

I’m sorry, my lovely followers. I have been insanely busy at work (Excuse #1), attempting a social life (failing, but Excuse #2), and training my buns off (Excuse #3.)

So I will give you a plethora of updates into this little life o’ mine:

  • Diet and training is amaaaazing as usual. I’ve shed 5 poundaroos in the last four weeks. I was struggling a little but I’ve got my head on straight now. Cardio is only 30 minutes of HIIT three times a week so I can HAVE A LIFE which is quite lovely. It also makes me enjoy cardio because I’m not doing 14 hours a week and it’s shorter sessions so I WANNA GO HARD IN THE PAINT, ya dig?

    me after cardio #gimmeoxygen

  • I seriously cannot believe I am a little less than 8 weeks/2 months/60 days out. Insanity, I tell you! I look so different than my previous preps at this moment in time. And I feel fantastic. I’m a little bit tired but I don’t get as hungry anymore than when Jules first lowered my caloric intake. I’M GOOD.

    is there really an inappropriate time for an Ariel gif

  • I am in the May edition of Oxygen magazine in the Rising Stars section. AKA WUT. I had submitted my “story/non-story” like 200 years ago at the encouraging of Miss S. Peppa and Oxygen sent me a questionnaire to fill out with more information about myself and then – people told me I was in it! I was beyond floored, excited, grateful, shocked, squeeeee-happy. #FeelsGoodMan

    lol @ my personal training business goal (i was low-carb at the time)

    lol @ my personal training business goal (i was low-carb at the time)

  • I’m also on the front inside cover of the Gap’s Annual Report after they discovered my artistik selfie in my fave camo pants in the Gap changeroom. So listen up selfie haters, maybe you’ll end up in a financial/business document. TAKE ALL OF DA SELFIES.

    me circa march 2013

    me circa march 2013

  • I was blessed/honoured with a tanning sponsorship from the wonderful Tan in the Wild. I’ve been going to Tan in the Wild for my bronzing needs since I was in high school (before any sort of bans, of course. No age jokes allowed!) I was honoured and flattered and I have been browning myself until I am a sensual black bean. (Okay, dark brown. Mediterranean skin: love you.) Joe and the staff at Tan in the Wild are very friendly and the beds are luscious with a little butterscotch candy THAT I CAN NEVER EAT on it, but it is a great place to pretend like you went on vacation.


  • I had my first refeed meal on Sunday so I chose a diner-style breakfast with my beardy stud. I don’t think the other diners were ready for the slaughter I made of that breakfast: my stomach is larger than my body. #Science. Oh…and I ate two donuts afterwards. Vanilla dip and sour cream glazed give me liiiiife. 
  • Refeed‘ is way better than ‘cheat’. ‘Cheat’ adds the negative connotation to food and treats certain foods as ‘bad’ and can harbor feelings of negativity, guilt and regret towards food. This is a very serious, highly prevalent occurrence in the fitness and competition culture that nobody talks about but does at the same time. “Binges” post-show are widely accepted but further the vicious cycle of “Omg need to do cardio because I ate 900 chili cheese fries and 40 pop tarts.” You ate a ton of carbs. Way to go! Refeed that nutrient-depleted body. Don’t regret it. You did it. Now move on! Don’t be in an on-again, off-again relationship with food.


  • Where did I get dat amazing knowledge?! My amazing coaches of course. I went to Understanding the Process, a seminar about competition prep and all of the things nobody talks about when competing. It was a lot of fun and I met a ton of competitors who I’ve only talked to via social media and it was a really supportive, positive group – shoutout to May, Nneka, Tamara, Abby aka Unicorn Princess, Nicolette, and Miss Caroline! You guys are beauties. Fitness is forever a learning curve: you’re never an all-knowing creature. Learning and growing is why the fitness industry is so fun and dynamic: it is ever-changing and you are always growing (if you allow it to happen.) Oh yeah, and I won a tub of A Healthy Fit protein, so YEAH BABY.
  • On a non-fitness front (wut, I have a non-fitness life?!), I accepted an AMAZING career opportunity so I have sent in my notice to my current job and will be making the change in a couple of weeks. I AM HAPPY PEANUT.


So there’s my little update into my life. If you want to see any progress pictures/weird selfies/fitsporation, check out my Instagram @itsbetterblonde.

K I’m off to eat cucumbers and pan-fried fishie (thank you Abby for saving my life!)



3 Month Countdown: UFE Showdown

So I have an app on my phone that counts down to my competition (as I mentioned in my last post) and today it alerted me that it’s…



Holy hell, right? Most people would start their “cut” at the 12-weeks-out mark but my sexy coaches gave me a 14-week bikini prep so I’m 2 weeks ahead of the game! (#positivethinking).


lol, yes i send snapchats like this

Two weeks into prep and I’m feeling pretty good. I find it’s mostly (actually 1020%) a mental thing for me. Like clockwork, as soon as prep starts, I begin to think of all these foods I wanted now that I can’t have them (on account that I don’t have “freebies” on my own accord anymore – must ask Jules for the green light.) I find this helps me not to nibble all week on little cheats like adding BBQ sauce to chicken (shit is high in sugar, my friends) or indulging with a cake batter cookie that my little sister KEEPS ON MAKING. (These are so good. I would sell my soul for these.)

my coworker made Guinness chocolate cake and I couldn’t have any #tears

DISCLAIMER: Not saying you should NEVER have cheats – that’s dumb as hell in my personal opinion and when you brag about having no “cheat meals” ever…are you really living? They jumpstart your metabolism, guru girl! #GirlBye But at this point in MY training for MY goals, freebies are a no-no. SO IT’S ALL GOOD.

i’m the first cat #nomoregreens #morechocoplz

Carbs have been lowered #tearsforPaige. But on the plus side, every time I consume my morning oats or sweet potatoes, I feel like heaven is shining down on me or Mr. Potato Head is sacrificing his child for my happiness. (Thank you Mr. Potato Head.)

me when i eat sweet potatoes

My strength in the gym has decreased slightly due to the carb change and loss of one meal – I struggle a little more when I’m BENCHING A QUARTER with the free barbell and I had to downsize to 70lbs from 90lbs on incline chest press. (Insert Jay-Z’s ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder’ here.) However, form is key so I must swallow my Leo pride (honestly, if you don’t know I’m a Leo by now, you need to get correct!) and reduce my weights.

abs flex

one week into prep abs. yeah, i’m showing off

I’m still killing my leg workouts with three-day-long DOMS and no reduction in weights. MY. BUNS ARE ON FIIIIIIIIIIIIRE. (If you need a little extra pickle in your butt after your leg workouts, try single-leg leg press for drop sets. GOOD LUCK WALKING AFTERWARDS.)

glutes and hamstrings

on friday we train glutes and hams

Thursdays are usually my rest days, but last night I decided to get together with some old dancing gals for a drop-in ballet class at Rhythm and Grace. (Yes, I used to prefer twirling on my toes to lifting weights like a real boy.) I was worried I would be:

a) Toight as a tiger. Lifting weights shortens your muscles, which is why stretching is so key when you’re strength training. I was a little bit crackly here and there, but I’ve always been lax in my stretching. SO SUE ME.

b) Too old to retain choreography. After my super-intensive party girl days, I gave up dancing because I couldn’t retain choreography. This was likely due to my super ridiculously poor diet and mass consumption of alcohol. It’s been a few years since then and I was surprised I picked up the old French ballet terms automatically. Crazy how things stick! But I guess 14 years of dance does that to ya!

best music video.

c) Look terrible in my leotard/too tight on my ass. Nope. I think I looked better in my leotard last night than I did when I was a petite sixteeny. My delts looked fab in the studio lighting – I was #feelinmyself.


Yuki, Kelsey, Addie, and I after our ballet class #dead

The ballet class was amazing and it made me remember how much I loved dance! (Dance used to be my gym when I was younger and needed a stress relief.) I miss ballet. I’ll definitely be incorporating ballet into my training to switch it up once in a while. The drop-in classes are affordable ($17!) and are located at the iGita Hot Yoga Studio in Oakville. You should probably check it out – beginners are welcome too! It’s not some hoity-toity class full of sticks and a brutally snobby French woman. The Founder and Artistic Director, Natalie Sweazey-Pitton is really sweet and hilarious and the ballet class was classic ballet with a touch of yoga. The theme was Love Yourself.


But I still need that heavy-hittin’ iron. Can’t wait for my brutal ass-and-hams workout tonight.

the gym yes

OH! I almost forgot: I booked my spray tan yesterday with Hollywood Tan London (same place Rita Catalino and Meaghan Tezris endorse. #booya). This competition experience is a lot different for me, because I’m a lot more independent and I don’t feel forced to choose a specific service to go with for my show needs. I’m shopping around for a suitmaker which is fun – I really want a Ravish Sands suit but I don’t know if I can handle the anxiety of delivery and will it fit/what if it doesn’t fit/what if the world ends/what if my ass is too big/too small/I grow boobs. (If anyone has ordered from them or has any local affordable suitmakers, please let me know how it went!) 

Back to eating mass amounts of broccoli, kale, and spinach. #tearsforPaige, part two.

i am Godzilla #wahh

KEEP LIFTING AND LOVE YASELF. (And don’t be afraid to admit you love my swaggie choice of gifs.)


paigey peanut

Do You Even Bikini Prep?

This is going to be a new thing, I know it. #DYEBP

I haven’t written a post in forever. (I FEEL LIKE I KEEP WRITING THIS SENTENCE.) I’m sorry – I get super busy with work, training, Cellucor demos, my ghost writing on the My Virtual Mission blog, SLEEPING, and trying not to be too much of a hermit and have a social life (yeaaaah, that’s not happening anytime soon.)

yum cereal!

I’m on Day 2 of Phase One of what “normal” people would call “cutting” a.k.a. bikini competition prep. But the best part is I’m not doing 9 hours of cardio a day on 400 calories! OOH RAH. #FeelsGoodMan. I’m 15 weeks/100 days out! This prep is way different because I didn’t “bulk” like a lot of competitors choose to do in their “off-season”…it’s how I thought you were supposed to do it! But I didn’t want to do 50 years of cardio and have little to no sleep..I have a job and would like to keep my sanity thanks! So I maintained a semi-lean bulk and now I only have to do 4 short cardio sessions a week! I used to do 14 CARDIO SESSIONS A WEEK. 14 HOURS OF CARDIO A WEEK. WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?! WHEN DID I BREATHE?! And did I even gain any muscle, lol?


Oh speaking of muscles…I actually made muscular #gainz these past few months. Mini leg and back separation PRE-DIET CHANGE. Dat’s dat good good metabolism.

I’m itching to get back on stage (nah, I don’t have crabs.) And I already know the suit colour I want and let’s be serious..I’M GOING TO LOOK FABULOUS!


Call me “conceited”, but if you don’t love yourself, NOBODY WILL! Nobody has time to feel sorry for you and your #firstworldproblem “tragedies.” Just do work and work in silence. Don’t be that douche monkey lifting less than you at the gym but yelling like a baboon in childbirth. (It’s a metaphor. Wink wink.) Can women stop putting emphasis on the negatives in their life stories? Celebrate the positive! /end rant


I knew this was going to end up like a ranty word-vomit piece. NOT EXACTLY MY BEST WORK BUT LOOK AT ALL THE GIFS. I thought I’d update you on my fitness-side of life aka my favourite part of life.

  • I’m loving my new food plan and workouts from my coaches at A Healthy Fit (PAM+JULES 5EVER)
  • Leg workouts are destroying me. Pickles in the butt twice a week!
  • My back workouts are kind of meh lately. I be steady missing those deadlifts. But just have to reignite the flame between mind-muscle connection.
  • Um, I can bench press ALMOST 100lbs?! With a spotter, obv. (Thanx to @Stoodley3 for dealing with my sensual lifting faces – go follow him on IG!)
  • Warning to friends and family: I am planning on absolutely destroying my competition(s) this year, so forgive me because I am about to be M.I.A. training my gluteus maximi off.  If you can’t handle that I’m going after my dreams and goals, because you’re too busy living a mediocre life with your lacklustre sig other and/or have no ambition (who r u) and/or are drowning in your own pity party, I’m sorry but I can’t help you.

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be eating, sleeping, working, or working out. Or follow me on Instagram for all the booty, progress, and inspiration: @itsbetterblonde.



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