Manic Monday


Are you listening to Christmas music like me? Woohoo! I’m getting in the Christmas mood!

Last night I reconnected with an old best friend/roommate whom I had lost touch with within the last year due to busy schedules and life and such. We talked on the phone for an hour and a half and it was like nothing had changed! It put a smile on my face for approx. 24 hours…and counting! Tomorrow we’re meeting for coffee and a catch-up! I’m so excited! Things are lookin’ up!

Soo, re: my practicum. I had an interview on Friday afternoon at FLIP Publicity & Promotions, a PR agency for arts and entertainment in Toronto. They do PR for amaaaazing productions and performing arts groups, such as Alvin Ailey, Cirque du Soleil, TDT, and other ballet schools. A.K.A. RANKING PRETTY HIGH ON MY DREAM JOBS! It would be a great foot in the door and experience in the specific industry and facet I want to work in! I’ve been MANICALLY checking my e-mail and bringing my phone everywhere with me (not that I don’t do that normally) in case I get a call! The interview went pretty well I felt! Good vibes and comfort level was pretty high! They were impressed with my knowledge of local and international arts&entertainment and I had so many selling points. I want this placement sooo badly for two reasons: a) it’s perfect and would be an AMAZING place to learn and gain experience b) I’m stressing that I don’t have a placement yet and my classmates are getting confirmations on theirs…eek! c) I don’t want to be stressed with going for another interview or being stressed when I’m supposed to be enjoying my Christmas break/lull in schooling. SIGH SIGH SIGHHHH! FLIP IS SO COOL I WANT TO WORK THERE SO BADLY!!!!!!!

Me and the Knight are doing really well and I’m contemplating what to get him for Christmas. He neeeeds so many things and I want to get him allll of them but I’m nooowhere near financially able…especially after I bought him the new iPod touch for his birthday a month ago! I have some good ideas and if people who view my blog actually commented I would ask for some advice!

Off to watch some Seinfeld before I hit the hay and then hit the gym early tomorrow before my coffee date with Erika!



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