Back Again!


Sorry I have gone AWOL for a really really long time. It was crunch time at school and everything was hectic!

I’m currently done the in-class portion of my public relations program, so I’m on my holiday break now! Unfortunately, all my “stress” caught up to me (plus sick siblings) and I am getting sick! I feel like I swallowed glass and then rubbed sandpaper down my throat! Can’t cough or laugh! So much for relaxing!!! PLUS! Since I don’t have a gym membership at home, I feel yucky without going to a proper gym…home makeshift workouts do not cut it. Although my abs hurt from push-ups two days ago. And when I’m sick…I frankly don’t want to do anything except watch movies and nap! Hopefully I get better soon, because I’m going to sushi on Wednesday with some classmates and then exchanging presents with Him on Thursday! Bittersweet.

Bought these awesome boots from Aldo though. BIG SALE SISTAS!

That’s all. Mac is going to die.



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