I am THE Worst!

Hello any of my readers (I honestly don’t think anyone reads this, but hey!)

I am officially the worst blogger in the whole entire world, (albeit with the exception of neo-Nazi and/or criminally grammar-stunted bloggers.) I was so crazy busy with my internship and personal life experiences that I completely abandoned my blog! For someone who is constantly in touch with her social media, I am terrible with this blog. I vow today, May 28th, 2012, that I will try to blog weekly (or thrice a week if my life speeds up in the excitement department.)


  • I loved my internship at FLIP Publicity & Promotions, Inc. (Check out their Twitter here.) I learned tons of things about publicity (especially in the arts and entertainment industry, which I LOVE.)
  • I was able to hone my writing skills and get great advice and proofreading from my peers who have been writing in the public relations business for years! Here’s a press release that I wrote (I wish I wrote more though.) http://cadencemag.com/2012/02/shawn-desman-to-host-show-choir-canada/ 
  • I wasn’t able to stay on there, because it being such a small firm and due to unforeseen circumstances relating to their biggest client. It was a bummer, because I knew I could learn so much more and gain so much experience there. Oh well. It’s even more frustrating and disappointing now that I have been on a job hunt since the middle of April and I’ve had a few interviews (one at a small PR company, one at a condo developing firm, and another at Bell Media — my dream job!) It’s getting hard to believe in myself after I’ve applied to over 50 jobs in the Hamilton, Oakville, and GTA. I know I need more experience, but I also need money, because I’m going to need to start paying off my student loans and I’m down to my last 80 dollars in my bank account.
  • I started writing on my blog again to keep my writing skills sharp and fresh. I wish I could use it for more interesting things, like book or movie reviews. If I had money, I could do a fashion and style blog, but frankly I don’t have that much money (even if I were to hunt the local Value Village like I do once a week!) Ugh, I wish everyone over the age of 60 would just retire so my peers and I could oh, you know, START OUR LIFE AND MOVE OUT OF OUR HOUSE WITHOUT BEING IN MOUNDS OF DEBT.
  • Also on a fitness note, I tried to go carbless for three weeks and lost five pounds with my strength training regiment…I looked pretty darn fetch, but then I signed up for the Ford Race to End Diabetes 5K with my little sister and Dad and needed to carb up so I pretty much have been eating carbs for a month ….five pounds heavier! But on the bright side, I’ve never done a 5K before (my cardio has never been my strong suit) and I finished with a time of 36 minutes I believe. I definitely would do another one – swag and free food? Yes please!
  • Superficial update: I highlighted my hair blonde, because a) blondes have more fun b) I’ve been blonde my whole life with the exception of the first four months of 2012, and c) it’s summer and blonde looks good on me if I do say so myself!
I think that’s pretty much it for updates. I just got a bunch of books from the library so I think I’ll write a little review tonight for kicks! (Only I would write a book review for recreation. Major geek, but I love writing! So much to say, too shy to say it in public!)

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