Journey of a PR Grad

TGIF, everyone! (Not like I do anything TOO pressing during the week, but still.)

So, since my internship has ended I have probably applied to over 50 job postings ranging from writing positions to marketing positions to communications/PR positions…even some I am not even qualified for! Out of those 50 plus job applications, I was invited to five interviews (only did four.)

The first interview was for a short-term (like a month and a half) contract position with a small PR/marketing agency where I would work Thurs-Monday (blegh). Didn’t get it. Whatever.

Second interview was for a social media coordinator position at this condo development firm and it was the most awkward interview of my entire life. I am a girl’s girl — men make me nervous!

Third interview was for my dream job as communications coordinator at a highly desirable workplace and I thought I did alright, albeit a few awkward/poorly worded answers — I get nervous when I’m excited!

Fourth interview was my best one yet. Not only was I not nervous at all — like no caffeine shakes or anything! — I was genuine, comfortable and completely myself during the interview. The position is a summer position as part of the marketing team at a telecommunications company that my Dad works for — yeah, yeah, my Dad helped me get the contacts for the person hiring for the summer position but I worked to arrange the interview. I thought it went really really well and they all (all four of them who interviewed me) seemed to like my resume and what I had to offer. They said they’d let me know by today for a start date of Monday. I literally NEED this job and am so hopeful about it, if I don’t get it, I will be literally crushed. I barely slept last night and the anxiety is killing me: on one hand, I feel like YES! I have it in the bag. But on the other hand, I could be totally thrown (since they DID interview other people — shocking concept, I know!) and not get it. If I don’t get it, my ego will be completely crushed and I honestly will go on a vacation somewhere to lose my mind. The worst part is I can’t even really drink that much, since I’m on medication for my skin! GAH!!!

Please, please, please give me a good day!



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