Have I mentioned that I’m the worst?

Hello again!

I am clearly the most terrible blogger in the whole word. I have been hectic busy at my contract position (referring to old posts, I guess you can tell that I got the job I was worrying about!)

A big thank you to my colleague Nicole — who is a total social media goddess — for encouraging me to start blogging as an addition to my resume. I have always wanted to blog but never really knew what my niche was. Her great advice was to just blog and write text posts or picture content and then you’ll figure out your common theme of writing.

Since my job contract is over, you will definitely be seeing more of me on this blog: don’t you worry your pretty little heads!

Ta ta.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Yay! Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere Blondie! Really enjoying your posts 🙂


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