Shop-Til-You-Drop-Sunday: Queen Street West, Toronto

Happy Sunday everyone – the day of recovering from your hangover from yesterday!

I am exhausted after an afternoon strolling the shops on Queen Street West in Toronto (had to fulfill a shopping craving and wanted to find some good content for you guys!)

My sister had told me about this new store, Brandy Melville and it seemed neat for some casual digs. It’s originally from the States (typical) but it hasn’t garnered the attention like other American stores have when transferring to Canada, like Old Navy in the early 2000s and Forever21 within the past couple of years (do you remember the pandemonium?!)

The store was located on Queen Street West snuggled between I found the average shopper was about 7-10 years younger than I am (so mainly 14-17 year olds) with the straggling 20-something year old like myself wandering around for a top that was “un-cropped.” It was very boho chic, “Tumblr-esque” with lots of silk-screened designs, florals and Aztec-like prints. If I was a couple years younger, I would have had little-to-no self-control in a store like this where the average shirt was $15-$23, but I am a bit past the cropped tee phase in my life, so I was able to exercise some self-control. I would rate this store about a 7 out of 10.

  • PROS: decent prices for some unique clothing that 400 other girls don’t own already. (Think bodycon dresses from American Apparel circa 2008.); shirts were baggy and loose-fitting which I love; (if you love Bob Dylan, Nirvana or anything California, there are about 15 different shirts for you!)
  • CONS: The store was “one-size-fits-most” and I’m a bit more blessed in the derriere area, so any shorts or pants were just not an option for me; too many crop tops — there needed to be some more options; anything that wasn’t a crop top was 10 to 15 dollars more; limited selection of accessories

Despite the cons, I picked up a few items which I am very pleased with:

1. The Gina bralette ($14 CAN) which is reversible (mine has a beige lace overlay on the other side) and will be perfect with low-back dresses or even on a casual underwire-free kind of day — plus I am the president of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee so I don’t need that much support anyways:

Gina bralette, $14

2. The LA Bones top ($25 CAN) is a slouchy tee that is another versatile piece: can be worn on bum-around days or on a night out with solid chunky accessories. This tee is a little bit more on the cropped side, but since I am a Petite Princess (5’1 baby!) , it reaches the top of my hips. I love LA and everything about California and thought this was a neat-o shirt — you don’t always have to buy trendy or work -appropriate items…sometimes you just get the feeling and you must bring that baby home!

LA Bones
LA Bones top, $25

3. And the piece de resistance, the Dalis top ($22 CAN) – I love shirts that reveal backs and this is super edgy and fits a bit longer on me so I can wear it with a shiny legging and boots or tucked into some skinnies with wedges. This is by far my favourite, if you haven’t noticed (despite the terrible model face in the website photo):

Dalis top, $22

I definitely won’t be reviewing a store every Sunday, as I do not have millions of dollars in my bank account (even though I wish I did — my shoe collection would be beyond amazing!)



6 Comments Add yours

  1. I love the skull shirt! I must go to Queen St. W. after school and get my hands on it. 🙂

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      There were tons of them! It comes in grey and black as well. (Also I see you’re a fellow PR girl which is amazing!)

      1. I was just about to ask you, did you get a job in marketing or PR and which company?
        I also started this blog as a writing sample for future employers. 🙂

        1. Paige Andrea says:

          I actually just finished a contract as a marketing assistant at a telecom company downtown, so I’m just looking again haha! It’s tough out there for us, unless you’re looking for non-entry level positions. Yeah, same here — it’s really a great idea to showcase your skills. And it’s fun (I love writing) and shows you have passion for something! So many people have told me to do it, because it’s great for your CV!

  2. I think it’s definitely hard to break into any industry right now, especially one that has a lot of competition and is hard to break into such as PR. However, I am currently volunteering with my school whenever I can so I hope I can land something when I graduate in the spring.

  3. Casey Palmer says:

    Heh, I hope you’re both blogging about things you actually enjoy, or else you’ll soon encounter “blog burn-out”, something we all happen to face after a while if we’re being too rigid about our approach to blogging. I wish you both luck and hope you land wherever it is that you’re looking to land!

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