Hump Day!

Can I get a what-what?!


I love me a good hump day — means you had two days left before the glorious, glorious weekend! (Does anyone else think that we should get three-day weekends all the time and just work a couple more hours in the day…I mean we do it anyways…)

So today I’m going to talk about accessories — please, form a line along the wall (HAHA). I’ve always been sort of neutral about accessories, just because I am very fickle and go through phases of my own personal “trends” for accessories, make-up, etc. I was a big hoop earring girl in the early 2000s (thanks to the influence of MuchMusic and Nelly and Ja Rule music videos.) But it wasn’t  until the past year when I really started carving my own accessory style and preferences. Generally, I love a more simplistic look where I wear one bracelet or a ring with my signature watch and a basic stud earring. But right now, I love to wear tons of bracelets along (clashing metals and all — gasp!) I’m also a huge fan of animal rings and rings that span more than one finger — a perfect touch of edgy but not too “hardcore” that I can’t function aka type or use my hands.

Here’s my favourite combo of accessories to wear right now:

  • Shell bracelet: I got it from the resort I stayed at in Cayo Coco, Cuba during reading week in 2011 (Tryp Cayo Coco). It holds a lot of memories and I love it! It adds a non-metal element to the accessory combo, but is still in the neutrals colour palette.
  • Michael Kors watch: Got this as a gift in 2011 from my parents for graduating from The University of Western Ontario. I saw it and I had to have it — I loved the unique rose-gold colour and it felt like it was just meant to be. I was never a watch person before, but now I never take it off, unless I’m at the gym or going away for a cottage weekend. Unfortunately, they are somewhat crazy popular now, but Michael Kors has made tons of different colour options and mine carries personal meaning, so I guess I don’t mind (I like owning unique pieces..I get protective!)
  • Kissing tiger/cheetah bracelet: Forever21, last summer – $6
  • Black/gold skull shamballa bracelet: I got this at this cute little boutique on Queen Street called Drama Queen for $15! I loved it. The boutique had tons of unique accessories, but I really loved their rings and bracelets.
  • Black/gold tiger ring: Drama Queen for $20. (Normally don’t spend this much on a single accessory but I loved it, so why not?! I’m an impulsive shopper.)

I hope you noticed my AWESOME Will & Kate mug. A family friend brought it back from England before the Royal Wedding and it is the best! I love kitschy stuff like that!

So back on topic — I would totally recommend Drama Queen, because it has tons of adorable accessories (and provides hair extensions at the back of the store, if that’s your thing.)  And more importantly, I encourage everyone to get creative with your accessories — it’s your style, so own it!

If it makes you feel like a babe….then you probably look like one!

Well I’m off to make a pear and brie salad, so talk soon my pretties!



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