Short & Sweet

No, I’m not about to talk about me…but I could (a la Toby Keith.)

Well now that you’ve had enough country music for a month, let’s talk movies.

So I’m a huge movie buff and have seen tons of movies ranging from classics to superhero flicks to horror movies and the cheesiest chick flicks ever. So last night on the Women’s Network, I found a gem I had never seen before, which didn’t seem to have a man-hating message (seriously, go watch W Network movies in the afternoon, you’ll know what I’m talking about), called “Just Wright”, starring Queen Latifah, Common (yes, the rapper and no, I’m not going to Google his government name), Phylicia Rashad, Paula Patton, and the Chief from Grey’s Anatomy (can’t be bothered to Google, part two.)

Just Wright
Just Wright (2010) via Wikipedia

To summarize, the movie started off about these godsisters/cousins living together and they were two completely different people, especially when it came to dating. Queen Latifah’s character was always getting friend-zoned, because she was SO AWESOME (aka had a solid personality) and Paula Patton was essentially a gold-digging, fame-hungry basketball fiance-soon-to-be-wife. Anyways, the movie was cheesy at parts — Common should stick to his music career, because his acting is somewhat sub-par. Overall, it was a solid choice for a light-hearted girls night in.

I totally related to the friend-zoned Queen Latifah; I feel like the high-maintenance ladies always get the cool, good-hearted guy! I’ve been preaching this for a few months now. I should write a novel about nice girls finishing last or something cliched like that. It’s not my fault I’m an awesome tomboy who also happens to clean up nice when she wants to! (And obviously, super modest.)

Anyways, if you want a good chick flick that isn’t super predictable (on a scale of one to ten, it was a six on predictability for a chick flick), with some super delicious athletes (including a whole lot of Common shirtless and sweaty — drooool) and a hearty message to take away at the end of the movie, I totally recommend this gem!

I’m no Roger or Ebert and I’m certainly not a rotten tomato, but I’d give this movie a solid four out of five gold stars with a cherry on top.

And if someone can let me know why this phenomenon of ladies being friend-zoned is not on the popular culture radar, that would be absolutely wonderful for my love life!

Off to drown my sorrows in a couple of glasses of cheap champagne.



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