Confessions of a Shoeaholic

Good morning! Does anyone remember this video? It was one of the first YouTube videos to go viral back in 2006 and it was classic! (It also completely describes my internal thoughts when I go shopping and see shoes — minus the creepy stalker tendencies and terrible Valley Girl voice.)

So the point of this post is to share these totally adorable (and affordable!) boots I got from Winners the other day. These Bucco ankle booties are super comfortable and trendy and I didn’t even need to whip out the credit card: they were only 40 dollars!

Check out my new little babies:

I had been on a trek to find a pair of ankle booties that were versatile: could be worn to work and casually. I also wanted a small heel and a neutral colour. I’m more of a sky-high heels/wedges kind of girl, but lately, I’ve been loving the two-inch heel, because it’s 100 times easier to walk in (and I’m less likely to look like I’m about to hit the dance floor at F Stop.) Another bonus of these booties is the cute fringe that’s totally on trend right now and the peek-a-boo tribal print.

Seriously, go check out Winners right now, because they have a great selection of fall booties and tall boots for really good prices. For me, it’s hit-and-miss with Winners shoe selection, but the last time I went, it was a total hit!

Winners also had a ton of sneaker wedges that also seem to be a big trend right now, which I love!

Here are some from the Bucco shoes line (free shipping = bonus!):

Karey Sneaker Wedge
Bucco Capensis Karey Sneaker Wedge in Burgundy

I saw this sneaker wedge at Winners and I loved it! It’s a fun wedge which can add a pop of colour to any outfit. It would look great with skinny jeans or skinny cargos and has an urban look to it. It comes in tan, a beautiful bright blue, tan, and black. I think if you’re going to go for this fun shoe, opt for the bright colours — why not?!

Here’s a more neutral and casual option from Aldo:

Aldo CHISM Sneaker Wedge in Camel

Just as an FYI, I’m a total worshipper (is that a word?) of anything Aldo. I always love their collections and find their shoes really comfortable, plus they throw a mean sale a few times a year! I love this CHISM sneaker wedge from Aldo, because it’s a more neutral and casual option. The colour blocking is also another trend for this Fall 2012 season and it’s something a little different. These are great to run errands in or for a casual night of drinks with girlfriends: who says you have to sacrifice comfort for beauty, these are both!

Anyways, be prepared to see these unique sneaker wedges all over fall shoe collections, because they are what’s right now! What are your favourite trends for this fall season?

Shoeaholic out.


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