Guilty Pleasures: Rockstar Braid Inspired by Kim K

Good morning beauties!

Today I’m going to talk guilty pleasures. We all have them: whether it be SmartFood chedda popcorn, trashy reality TV, or celebrity stalker blogs, you can’t deny your guilty pleasures. Embrace them!

I’ll be the first to admit that my guilty pleasure is Miss Kimberly Kardashian (soon-to-be Mrs. West?) She’s just one of those celebrities that you love to hate and hate to love. I mean, I’ve watched all of the seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and I follow the entire Kardashan-Jenner clan on Twitter and I’ll be the first to bash her whiny voice and over-the-top vanity. But I will admit she really has created a gargantuan empire that rivals the size of her booty — and she has a killer team of make-up and hair stylists. As a girl who grew up with fine, blonde hair, I am completely green over her luscious mane of hair — with and without extensions. She usually sticks to glamorous, jumbo waves which is indeed beautiful, but as a fairly low-maintenance girl (me, of course), I don’t have the patience to create such a dramatic ‘do if I’m going to be vegging all day or hitting the local Value Village for unique finds.

But one day as I was exploring the vast celebrity blogs of the World Wide Web — yes, I just said that — I found my ultimate favourite hair style of hers from two years ago. It was one I could emulate and fit my tomboy/gym rat/low-maintenance lifestyle: the rockstar braid:

Kim Kardashian Rockstar Braid via Hollywire

Yes, yes, I am committing a cardinal sin of fashion and beauty by falling in love with a style from two years ago and not one from next season. But I am a firm believer in staying true to your own style and not becoming a “sheep” of fashion and beauty. Do your thing, girl!

So I searched all over the Internet for a quality hair tutorial for this kind of braid, because I needed to figure out how to do this hair style. The best one I found on YouTube was from Lilith Dark Moon. (Lilith Dark Moon is a model who started creating hair and beauty tutorials in several different languages for all you multilingual babes, which is pretty awesome.)

Her tutorial is very simple and she clearly demonstrates how to do it, so even hair rookies like myself can create this bad-ass hair style.

Here is evidence of my first attempt:

Attempt 1
Attempt Number One
This is a very awkward photo to take: I clearly struggled.

FYI: I couldn’t my smaller “orthodontic” elastic, which would have made the braid look 100x better, but c’est la vie. Do you love it as much as I do? I love this hairstyle too much. Am I a glam rock star yet?

Got to go run some errands, so until next time my pretties.


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