In Case of My Death…

Ah, I have always had the flair for dramatics: that’s what comes with being an Italian Leo born in the Year of the Snake.

But seriously, I am about to go to my first spinning class in over two years and it is safe to say I am terrified: my memories of spinning classes I attended in university consist of sore lady parts, burning thighs, and the occasional dizzy spell — not in a good way either.

I could not find a photo of myself in this rare state of fear, anxiety, and excitement, nor did Shutterstock have any material I could use to represent my feelings (side bar: who hires those “models” anyways, yikes).

Soo, here is a photo of a man who loves cycling, apparently and hopefully staring at this photo will transfer his enthusiasm onto me…hopefully. Gulp.

My inspiration for the next hour via Davinci Surgery

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