Throwback Thursday: Halloween Edition

Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha. (That was supposed to be a scary laugh, but I’m picturing more of a Count-from-Sesame-Street kind of thing.) A for effort?

I know Halloween is next Wednesday, but I wanted to take this very special day in the interwebs (being Throwback Thursday) to showcase my amazing costumes through the years. Having a mom who can sew and a plethora of dance costumes, I always had the best costume — and I never ever ever had to resort to the Mean Girls-standard skanky costume. Halloween is way too fun to waste on dressing like an “animal” in lingerie (have you ever seen an animal in lingerie? Neither have I. My dog would bite my head off if I tried to put her in some garters and a thong.) Like I said yesterday, I’m going for realistic here, people.

Since I have 22 Halloweens — almost 23 — under my belt, I’m obviously not going to torture you with 22 Halloween costumes of mine,  but I will show my top 10. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the, uh, show.

  1. 1991 – Lion. This was my first solid costume (I rocked a simple pumpkin onesie when I was a newbie baby…come on, Mom, where’s your creativity?)This costume was passed on to my both my little sisters, so it ranks pretty high.

    Cutest lion ever, non?
  2. 1992 – Crayon. This costume was amazing! Adorable and hilarious. (Note: my family or little sister will frequent pictures as my Dad was very camera-happy and liked group shots as opposed to glamour portrait shots. Now I see where I get it from!)I don’t know why I chose orange over purple or pink…wanted to be festive, I suppose.

    Shovelling candy in my mouth…typical.
  3. 1993 – Princess Jasmine. Definitely Top 3 favourite costumes. I was obsessed with Princess Jasmine and the Little Mermaid when I was young enough to be Disney-obsessed and my mom made thebest Jasmine costume ever. Unfortunately it was a cold Halloween so the magic of the costume was lost with turtlenecks and rubber boots.

    I struggled with the pronunciation of “cheese” I think.
  4. 1995 – Devil. This costume was pretty simple to make: sweet red sweatpants, turtleneck, tail, pitchfork and a visor with little horns that my Mom sewed on. This costume makes this list simply because of this picture: it is sheer hilarity and nostalgia for me. My little sister was clearly much more photogenic than me!

    My sister kills me in this picture. Classic.
  5. 1996 – Clifford the Big Red Dog. This costume makes my Top 3 best costumes as well as the Jasmine one. My mom used red furry fabric from Fabricland to make a shirt, pants, ear and a tail. I remember it being very hot to wear but amazing nonetheless.

    Look at the film quality. How artistic.
  6. 1998 – Vampire. This costume was amazing simply due to my make-up which was done by a family friend whom I looked up to as an older sister figure. Look at the dedication to the scary factor!

    Almost made a percentage of the Oz cast…oops, my bad.
  7. 2005 – Prison Inmate. I was a huuuuuuge fan of Prison Break when it aired, so I decided to dress as my version of a Prison Break inmate. Again, look at the dedication to the black eye creation — realistic, if I do say so myself.

    So bad-ass
  8. 2010 – Snow Leopard. My roommates and I decided to dress as cute little wildcats for Halloween. After finding the perfect dress for $7 at H&M, I was a snow leopard and my roommates were a snow tiger, lion, and cheetah. Make-up was amazing for this one too! I watched many YouTube tutorials and it was actually pretty easy to do after a few practice runs.

    Snow Tiger, Snow Leopard (me), Lion, Cheetah
  9. 2011 – Treasure Troll. My PR classmates and I decided to do a group costume again and it was a pretty cute idea. My hair was sub-par: too long to do the Coke bottle trick, like my other trolls did. So retro!

    I’m the blue one! Ugh, my hair.
  10. 2012 – Daenerys Targaryen. This year’s costume definitely ranks top three: time, dedication, and creativity all channeled towards my most legendary costume of all my years.

    GirlCrush: Mother of Dragons

Ahhh, I love L’Halloween. One of the greatest times of the year! I wish there were multiple Halloweens per year so I could rock different costumes. I have so many costume ideas and so little occasions to wear them!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Casey Palmer says:

    That last picture of Daenerys looks so much like her! HowEVER did you pull it off 😉 ?

    Cute chronicling of costumes. I like. Moar introspective looks at past, plz.

    Your friend,

    –case p.

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      I meant that was my INSPIRATION. Read MOAR closely puh-lease.

      1. Casey Palmer says:

        lol. When you get my sarcastic-jokey nature down to tell when I’m not being COMPLETELY serious, our minds. They will be as one 😛

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