Call Me Khaleesi

Did everyone survive that gal Sandy?! I kept waiting for something humongous to happen, but I felt it was pretty tame here in Oakville. (It’s pretty much the biggest weather bubble ever.) I remember having a tornado/”tornado” last summer and it seemed a lot worse: more windy and our power went out. But news coverage from New York and New Jersey looks awful: I can’t believe they shut down the entire subway system! Insanity.

Anyways, my Halloween was spectacular (I don’t know the Dothraki term for spectacular…if there even is one.)

Insta-Daenerys & Insta-Rosie

Arrived in Toronto for my 3pm check-in at the Fairmont Royal York — my Dad is a President’s Club member and had a complimentary night — there is no way I would have been able to afford a place like that otherwise. When we arrived there were all of these police officers around the entrance and people were all red-roped away from a pathway that led inside. I overheard that some political — American? — figure was staying in the presidential suite and all of the elevators were out of service. By the time the person came down, I was at the front desk so I missed by chance to see someone famous …AGAIN.

Here’s a frightening snapshot Susan got of our hallway. The Shining, anyone? (Which was actually filmed in a hotel in Banff…spooooky. Never going to THAT hotel.)

The Shining perhaps?

My friend Susan and I went to Joe Badali’s and had the most delicious dinner ever: the pasta there is to. die. for. I had pesto con pollo linguine with squash, sweet potatoes, and spinach. We brought home the leftovers and proceeded to eat them later with stir sticks as chopsticks…you can take the student out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the student.

We then headed to my friend Carina’s sister’s hotel — the Delta Chelsea — in the pre-hurricane winds and made our way to Cabin 5. Never had heard of that bar or been there but it was really fun. Solid music and it was a good size without being too packed, like my Brooklynn experience last weekend.

Here’s the only picture I have of my costume so far. When Carina’s sister puts up her pictures, I will have more to add to this post, I promise. You need to see my amazingly suede skirt-pant creation.

Daenerys & Rosie the Riveter

Important note: There was about 75% success rate of people knowing what my costume was, which is pretty decent. Best guess I received was Xena’s lesbian lover…Gabriella? What an obscure guess! Who would EVER dress as that?! Do I even look anything like her?

Gabriella…& Xena

My costume did not look ANYTHING like that. I am officially offended. Rookies! As my second Halloween costume, I will be going as an alien. There’s a possibility that I’m going to go to the gym dressed in my costume…it’s not like I have other plans! Would that be weird?



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