Post-Halloween Chocolate Hangover

Little Brucey Bogtrotter a la Matilda

Ugh, this is totally how I’m feeling today. I know Halloween was two days ago but I have consumed much more than the recommended serving of mini Mars bars…did anyone else know they were so good?! I’ve always been a Kit Kat girl so Mars was a lovely surprise.

I’m  headed to Ottawa later today for the weekend, so you’ll be without my clever wittiness and charm all weekend — don’t cry for me, Argentina. I’m excited…I haven’t been there in a couple of years and I haven’t been there in the winter/fall…ever. Very exciting. Any recommendations for ultra-Canadian things? Probably just going to head to the Rideau…Centre! Obviously. Please pray for my bank account.

BIG NEWS. I have an interview at the Sony Centre today for a marketing position, thanks to my lovely lovely lovely ladies at FLIP Publicity & Promotions. I’m very excited! I’m not super huge on musicals but this is how I’m feeling to a tee:

Wish me luck!




One Comment Add yours

  1. Casey Palmer says:

    Good luck, l’il homey! Go show ’em what you’re workin’ wit’!!!

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