Ello, y’all.

You know how it goes when you start a new job and it takes a while to get your routine going: that is kiind of the reason I went MIA on you pretty people.

  1. I was also lazy, whilst recklessly being an insatiable shopaholic.
  2. And learning how to perfect curling my hair:

I still look less like Kim Kardashian and more like a tousled, morning-after Goldilocks. Ah, c’est la vie: practice makes perfect, children. 

3. I’m liking my new job: I’m the best marketing assistant ever. Honestly, not to toot my own horn — or sound like a 90-year-old woman — but I am quite efficient. Almost too efficient. But I’m sure it’s just the initial week hump.

4. I started this post using numbered posts, so I suppose I should be consistent, shouldn’t I?

5. I started (or rather, am continuing) the BBC Book Challenge, so I picked up a few books from the library to get cracking. I think I might hit the 50 book/halfway point by January — hurrah!

Bringing back that old school photo booth function on the Mac…oh baby.

So this library trip, I got The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Jane Eyre, War and Peace (heaaaaaavy, man), and The Color Purple. I started off with The Color Purple, because that was the book I was most excited to read and finished it in about a day. I might get booed for saying this, but: I didn’t like it. I mean, I got into it, but it felt over-hyped and I was expecting something so much more touching and emotional. So strange!

I started The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy a couple of days ago, but to be honest, I’m finding this one hard to get into as well. It has such an abstract plot and it was like Douglas Adams got ripped off acid amidst writing this “classic.” I’m dreading reading the other two books, because I’m worried that I’ll have equally as bad experiences. Maybe it’s all in my attitude…got to stay positive!

I’ll leave you on that note with this gem from my favourite A-lettered-animal of childhood:



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