Hello Chi City

Kanye courtesy of Chicago Tribune and Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The city made famous by deep-dish pizza, Kanye West, a plethora of pretty decent sports teams (that’s more than MLSE can say), and its tendency to be super windy. Oh, and that musical that happens to be my ONLY favourite musical.


Since I did not have the opportunity to climb the snow-capped mountains of Mt. Kiliminjaro in Africa or backpack through Europe on my parents’ dime or my own for that matter, this four-day trip to Chicago is my parent’s post-graduation present to me. It is also important to note that notwithstanding my sporadic months of unemployment this year, I had been in school for two years straight: from my fourth year of undergrad right into my one-year accelerated public relations program. So…I need my vacation that comes with the joys of actually having money to spend in said vacation spot. Justification to myself is complete.

For some reason, I’ve always wanted to visit Chicago and I think it’s mainly for the reasons I listed at the beginning: I’m pretty much a Kanye West-loving, pizzaholic who may or may not be fangirling over Derrick Rose’s Adidas commercial.

My mom being the ever-efficient, too-organized-for-her-own-good kind of person has made us an itinerary out of the places and things I had said I wanted to see whilst in the Windy City.

  1. “The Bean” a.k.a. Cloud Gate in Millenium Park. A few people I know had visited this awesome bean and I want a touristy picture here too! (Cue pouting until photograph with Bean occurs.)

    The Bean! AKA Cloud Gate via http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaplanbr/1538113210/
  2. Shedd Aquarium. I have a friend with family in Chicago and he recommended visiting Shedd. His recommendation helps to justify my eight-year-old, touristy curiosity to see Shedd’s awesome featured exhibit, Jellies.

    This lungfish came to Shedd Aquarium in 1933 and is nicknamed Granddad!
  3. The Field Museum. I have had this craving to go to a museum ever since the summer, but never dragged my butt out to the ROM or even Bata Shoe Museum, which was close to my my internship back in the spring. Being in Chicago will force me to see a museum…even if it isonly about natural history. (If this includes Ancient Egypt and other cool exhibits, I’ll be okay with that.)

    Images of the Afterlife exhibit until June 8, 2013
  4. Joffrey Ballet. I am a ballet fanatic and I would love to take a peek inside this lovely building. Perhaps pick up a souvenir or two. Typical.

    2011 Nutcracker by Joffrey via AllGoodSeats.com
  5. The Art Institute of Chicago. Very excited for this. Hoping I can pick up an (affordable) vintage piece for my bedroom, which channels rustic and modern styles. Probably not…might get a keychain instead.

    Jill and Polly in the Bathroom (1987) by Tina Barney
  6. The Shops at Northbridge and Magnificent Mile shops. Man, oh man. Thank goodness (or not) that I a) have pretty much shopped myself these past few weeks and b) that I only need a few things. Being in America for the REAL Black Friday is both frightening and thrilling. Probably won’t do anything crazy…I’ll take a picture of the madness though. Hope I don’t get trampled!

So I am super duper excited. If anyone knows of any good places to eat, let me know. I want some of that good pizza!

Now, I leave you with this: 


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