Things I Learned in Chicago

  • If I eat three spinach sticks, I can only eat one slice of deep dish from Gino’s East Pizza. That’s a fact.

    This is what some bad bitches look like.
  • Always wear hair in a ponytail or tied back. If not, wear a headband, or hair will become rat’s nest. Chicago is indeed the windy city.

    Proper Chicago hair technique for hair down.
  • I have a serious, serious, serious shopping problem. But I do stray towards good deals, so that’s okay.
  • I don’t really like reading all of the plaques at museums and art museums. Too much information for my brain at a time.
  • I dislike medieval art (the kind where artists were only allowed to paint biblical scenes) and super modern/abstract installation art.
  • But I really enjoy (some) contemporary art, (some) Impressionism, and French and American art from 1900-1950s.

    Woman Descending the Staircase – Gerhard Richter (1965)
  • At the risk of sounding hoity-toity, my favourite artists are Henri Toulouse Lautrec, Henri Matisse, and Gifford Beal’s circus pieces.
  • I do have the willpower to not eat a single french fry on a trip to the USA. Yay for me.
  • Cloud Gate (a.k.a. The Bean) was just as amazing as I thought. 
  • A Chicago-style hot dog is a a steamed/water-simmered all-beef frankfurter on a poppyseed bun with all kinds of toppings: mustard, chopped white onions, sweet relish — I don’t even like relish but I had a change of heart — a dill pickle spear, sliced tomatoes, pickled sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt.

    Pre-mustard-spill Chicago hot dog enjoyment.
  • Steve McQueen — with a special exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago — is quite the interesting filmmaker. If you do visit his exhibit, be prepared to witness some very eccentric film pieces, including two naked wrestling men and a Caribbean man rapping some crazy stuff in a makeshift recording studio.
  • Billy Zane was born in Chicago. I spotted him Wednesday evening while I was picking up my Upton’s Naturals vegan chipotle wrap at Whole Foods on West Huron downtown Chicago. First celebrity spotting ever — woo!

    Billy Zane aka Calvin from Titanic
  • The US does not like/prefer Air Canada. (We were delayed by four hours on the way to Chicago, because O’Hare wouldn’t let us land, or something ridiculous like that. Also delayed by 30 minutes on the way back, because O’Hare wouldn’t let our incoming plane land either. Ugh.)
  • Air Canada also does not give any complimentary snacks or drinks when delayed by four hours, BUT does give complimentary bar when delayed by 30 minutes. Logical.
  • Chicago accents are kind of very sexy on some people. Some are not.
  • Deep dish pizza has like, an inch of cheese on it. Not ideal date meal. Noted.
  • I dislike vegan chicken. “Chicken” made of tofu has a rubbery consistency and makes me gag.
  • A windburned face is not cute.
  • Never ever ever eat eggs at a complimentary breakfast: they are definitely powdered.
  • I fell in love with Chicago.
  • I am a city girl stuck in a suburb. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alyssa says:

    I’m a Chicagoan through and through and I LOVED this post.
    PS those eggs are definitely powdered. Woe.

  2. Paige Andrea says:

    Thank you! Ahh I love that you love it! Your approval as a Chicagoan just made my day!

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