De-Flowered: My First Ross Petty!


If you know anything about ANYTHING in the theatre biz in Toronto — read this in a slight British lilt — you know that Ross Petty Productions pantomimes are hi-lariously infamous (or so I’ve heard!)


So last night, courtesy of the lovely gals (and manly man) at FLIP Publicity, I had the opportunity to experience my very first pantomime! I wasn’t sure what to expect, to be honest: a man in drag, some jokes and a few songs?

After a deliciously Canadian dinner at Oliver and Bonacini’s Bannock at Bay and Queen — I enjoyed a beyond sinful tourtiere with honeyed veggies:

This crust was sinfully good
This crust was sinfully good!

And my mama had an Arcadian Court chicken pot pie with the most buttery mashed potatoes my lips have ever tasted — we continued the Canadiana evening at the almost-100-year-old Elgin Theatre for the show.

Two minutes into the show, I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling at The Evil Queen, who is played by Monsieur Ross Petty, with his giggle-inducing German accent and ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’ as his/her theme song. The humour was deliciously dirty — despite the mass amounts of children sitting in the audience. The costumes were fabulous: my favourite characters were the southern belle Skunk and the cute and extremely ditzy Red Riding Hood. The Bond character was totally sex god-esque…I was crushing harder than Red Riding Hood for sure! The only thing I didn’t like (because that’s how reviews usually go, right?) was Melissa O’Neil’s Snow White voice. It was too sugary, syrupy sweet for me: it was straight out of a Disney flick. Now that I think of it, she sounds exactly like Belle in Disney’s version of Beauty and The Beast. But her singing was amazing: she is definitely very talented and deserved the title of Canadian Idol a few years back.

As this was my first panto, I probably went easy on the critique, but from my more seasoned panto veterans, they claim this year’s Snow White is one of the stronger Ross Petty productions. The super current and relevant current affairs jokes — the odd jab at Rob Ford and David Petraeus — were the icing on the cake.

Anyways, I HIGHLY recommend you go to see Ross Petty Productions’ Snow White: even if you don’t normally engage in the Toronto theatre scene. Proof: my face physically hurt from laughing and smiling for the two-hour-long production.

Check it out: Snow White runs until January 5, 2012 at the Elgin Theatre located at 189 Yonge Street, Toronto. For more details (and to get tickets: I’m forcing you), go to



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