Broke With Expensive Taste: My Christmas List

It’s that time of year again! I know I just came back from a gluttonous trip to Chicago, Illinois-e, but I thought I’d share my items of lust this holiday season. I always struggle to create these lists — seriously — but I’ll be somewhere completely random, like the gym or on my way to work when I think of something I really, truly need to put on a list!

  1.  A WWF Donation Package: Arctic Fox.arctic-fox_217_600x450 On, they have an ‘Adopt a Species’ section and they have so many different animals to adopt at several different price points, ranging from $25 to $100. I chose the Arctic Fox, because it’s cute, lives in the North and is not a polar bear (they get all the fame…Team Underdog!) The package I chose comes with a stuffed Arctic Fox (the Red Panda and River Otter were adorable too!), an adoption certificate, and a bag. If only it came with an actual arctic fox! That would probably defeat the purpose of supporting an endangered animal…dang.
  2. 1 — 1 1/4 ” curling iron. Is this so hard to find an affordable curling iron (without being Conair or something you pick up in a grocery store) without a clamp and not cone-shaped? My sister has an amazing one but she is too clueless about where she got it. Bah!
  3. Urban Decay Naked2 Palette.
    I dream about this.
    I dream about this.

    The likeliness of me getting this amazing eye colour collection is slim to none, while it sits at its steep perch of $60. My friend Susan has it and it has the most perfect shades for the eye I have ever seen in a palette. I usually find that I will find a palette with only one colour I’d actually wear (like a lavender or a taupe) and there are two or three terrible colours along with it. (I have one palette — unnamed — which has a great rich brown colour and this obscenely terrible 80s blue colour which I will never use, except for the off-chance I get invited to a terrible 80s themed party.)

  4. A loofah.
    Smooth & Renew Loofahs from The Body Shop

    Every. Single. Year. I ask for this inexpensive NECESSITY and I have never received it. If it’s a necessity, why don’t you buy it yourself? Well, kind reader, I have a busy brain and seem to conveniently — by accident, I swear — forget to purchase one every time I frequent a Shopper’s Drug Mart or Dollarama. Please, please, please save me from this terrycloth hell!

  5. A car.
    2006 Ford Escape...please!
    2006 Ford Escape…please!

    As long as I’m living at home in this hellish suburbia, I need a car to retain my sanity. Plus, I have this insane desire to hang a pretty little feathered trinket from my rearview mirror. And to have my own car keys with a matching feathery, kitschy keychain…bliss! (For the record: my parents have been helping me look for a car since the summer and it’s been on hold while we moved houses, during my search for a new job, and other things.) I don’t even need that gold lacquered G-class Mercedes Benz SUV…I’ll take a cute little sedan or a 6-year-old Ford Escape. (Hint, hint.)

  6. Leather gloves.
    Beauty in Black for a cool $575.
    Beauty in Black for a cool $575.

    I saw an article in the Style section of the Globe and Mail today on all of those cute leather driving clothes. There were these beautiful Burberry Prorsum studded leather driving clothes in a cute mustard colour…but $600 is a bit out of the average $20-$30 price range for a gift, no?

  7. Unicef donation package.
    Ahh, a complete nightmare for an indecisive female like me.
    Ahh, a complete nightmare for an indecisive female like me.

    I’ve always been philanthropic in my small student-y ways, whether it be donating my gently used clothing to SickKids and JDRF when they came around my neighbourhood or dropping spare change for the Air Cadets. I’ve never felt such a need to give back until this Christmas. I don’t NEED anything, really and I have this desire to donate as much as possible. So, when the Globe and Mail had a Unicef Gift Guide, I flipped through it and I knew I had to make a donation. Like the WWF ‘Adopt a Species’ package, there are tons of options for donating to underprivileged children all over the world. I wish I had more money because I cannot choose a single package…I want to donate to them all!

  8. Chicago Bears merch.
    Good thing I look cute in blue and orange.
    Good thing I look cute in blue and orange.

    No, I have not gotten over my Chicago-mania yet: I was daydreaming about moving and working there as a part of my 10-year plan. (For the record, I didn’t have one until this morning. Sigh, I love Chicago.) I haven’t had a feverish love for a sports team since the Toronto Raptors circa 2005, so I decided — on a whim and based on the fact that I purchased a shirt…sports fans don’t lynch me — I am going to be a dedicated, die hard Chicago Bears fan. Post-decision, I perused the sports section this morning, I discovered that they are a pretty decent team sitting at the top of their division(?) with 8 wins and 4 losses. Next game is on Sunday at 1pm against the Minnesota Vikings.  Meet me on my couch! DA BEARS!

What do you want this holiday season?


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  1. Casey Palmer says:

    If I were to get every lens I wanted for my camera and the camera body I want, we’d easily be looking at a $10,000 total. So I just ask for Visa/MasterCard gift cards. That way I can work toward buying them myself 🙂

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