The Smorgasbord: Cars, Tattoos, Christmas, and Deadlifts

I guess it’s official: I’m hooked on blogging. I feel a severe sense of separation anxiety if I’m not posting daily…perfect.

Big shout out to my cyber homie DoomzTO for helping me make my blog look prettier and easy for you babes to use/find my fabulous words of wisdom and ramblings. (See my new headings!? Yeah, I struggled with that.) He’s a cool dude, so you should check out his Mansformation mania: it’s perfect for man-education.

Become a REAL man!
Become a REAL man!

I’ve been busy so I last posted! Here’s a solid story for ya.

So as I’m driving my dad’s car home from the GO Station and I pull into my driveway to see a strange car parked there. So I head inside and ask my parents, “Who’s here?” And they said, “Nobody…” And that’s when it clicked…”Is that for me?” And my mom was like, “Go outside.” And I went back to the driveway and there was this big, red bow on the front window! Let me tell you how flippin’ surreal THAT was.

In the driveway was my first car: a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt in a shiny silver.

484200_4106318110248_333093233_n (1)

I am still in a state of semi-shock and disbelief that I have a car. Also, the irony that I had listed it in my Christmas list (especially as one of the most unlikely items.)

I had only been dreaming of this day since I was 16 years old! But being my parent’s daughter, I always had a realist view on the car situation: my parents are very practical and careful with money, so I believed I would never get a car until the day I could afford one solo. But as I mentioned in my Christmas list post, I had been looking for a car since the summer and my dad said he’d help me out with it, as long as I paid insurance, gas (obviously), and any sort of repairs required. But it had died down during our big house move and my new job took first priority. My mom told me that my dad had been planning this for a week and had taken a bus to Scarborough to check out and pick up the car. I have literally never been more surprised in my entire life!

On that note, I must declare that I have the best dad in the whole entire world. Sure, he gets on my nerves sometimes and he doesn’t like my bad habit of cussing or the fact that I have piercings, a tattoo (two now, shh) and coloured hair — apparently men don’t like that…who asked men what they thought? Who cares! — but he’s my dad. And he’s a good combination of sensitive, sweet and a manly man. I guess Freud was right when he said females look for the qualities and attributes of your father in your significant other…I’m still looking for that sensitive guy: only found the jerks so far! (However, I refuse to marry an Italian man…they’re all mama’s boys!)

I’ve been super busy as work, which is great! I’m getting into a groove which is always a great feeling. There is nothing I hate more than not having anything to do. I love being so busy that my head might explode and I don’t have time to take my lunch break…I’m so weird.

Also, my tattoo is healing quite nicely! Thank you to my good friend Kyle, you should check him out here or email him at

There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.
There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.

And yesterday in the gym, I hit a personal best with deadlifting 95 lbs x 5 sets x 5 reps.

And Christmas is coming soon! I still have to wrap my presents and look for my dad’s presents, which is the most fun part!

I’m feeling very warm and fuzzy and buzzy like a bee. It’s a great feeling when things are finally going in a good direction.



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