Berries vs. Apples vs. …Droids?

Yes, I am now one of the Blackberry refugees contemplating the switch to either an Apple iPhone 4s or an Android.

I’ve never been one to follow technology trends. I’m aware of new gadgets and covet them — like I would look absolutely fabulous with an iPad on my commute. But I’m not one to teleport to the Apple store whenever there is a newer generation of iPod or the iPad gets more mini. Whenever my gadget broke or died, I got a new one. When I bought my MacBook, it was because my Toshiba laptop weighed 12 pounds and delivered triple my daily mercury doseage via my lap. When my iPod mini from the 10th grade chugged until death in my second year of university, I bought the cute purple iPod nano. I didn’t even get a smartphone until I began my post-grad!

Shocking, I know.

I’ve rocked several gems throughout my lifetime and I rocked them good.

  •  Nokia 5110 – This one was super embarrassing in high school, but I was one of very few people who had a cellphone in the early years of high school.

    Noka 5110. AKA The Forever Alone Phone
  • Motorola T720i – This was a huge upgrade for me in Grade 12. I think this was the first phone that I actually used to text message on. And it kind of had a faded colour to the screen. Super neat-o. I also had to pay like 10 cents a text. Booooo.

    Flip phone swag…watch out!
  • LG White Chocolate. Now this, this was was my pride and joy during the first two years of university. I have always been a huge fan of white phones. Only downsides: heat activated buttons and I was terrified to drop it, because I was told the entire heat-activated face would shatter underneath and I wouldn’t even know it. Mmm, fear.

    Super classy.
  • LG Keybo. This phone was kind of cool at the time. It was my first QWERTY keyboard which was quite useful for quick (and drunk) texting. It started getting all funky near the end of my university career though. My little sister still owns this one and it’s definitely ticking her off. Ha.

  • Blackberry Curve 9300. I was beyond thrilled with my first smartphone. It did me well — I had the social media package so I could Tweet or FB to my little heart’s desire. You all know you wanted to know where and what I was doing and thinking…don’t deny it! Downsides: web browsing is an absolute nightmare and now I have to do a daily battery pull for my Twitter feed to load …how am I supposed to get my daily news?!

    Smarty phone turned into a dummy phone

So, now the big question is: iPhone or Android?

  • iPhones are cool. I like the look of them. And they come in white. Bonus! 
  • iPhones have a touch screen which make texting in freezing Toronto weather almost impossible.
  • But iPhones have those cute ‘iPhone-friendly’ gloves now with rubbery tips for texting.
  • EVERYONE HAS ONE. I resent looking like a sheep of technology trends.
  • But I already know how to use one. (I own a semi-defunct iPod touch.)
  • They have so many cutie iPhone cases. Thus, I would look super cute in them.
  • Androids seem cool and they’re definitely gaining notoriety. Unsure if they have the endurance of the iPhone, though.
  • I have no idea how to use an Android. I’m sure I could learn, but…AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

Please weigh in your thoughts. (Or you know, let me know if I’d look cute with an iPhone. Compliments are always accepted.)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Carina says:

    i know nothing about androids (or any smartphones really haha so take this advice with a grain of salt…), but everyone i know with an iphone LOVES it so im sure you would too! im even considering converting when our contract runs out in may… it’s about time i join the smartphone bandwagon! (much to my chagrin… haha)

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Do it! It’s not that bad of a thing! You can also live tweet/do stuff for your personal training biz from it!

  2. Casey Palmer says:

    I’m still getting to know my wee little Samsung Galaxy S3. Had I not won this, I was pretty sure I was going to go iPhone. It’s a VAST improvement over my BlackBerry Bold 9700 (how the hell have you survived with a CURVE for so long?!), and the Android operating system still has a lot to offer.

    From having an iPad and iPod Touch, I was already used to iOS and was happy to try something a little different; lots of cool stuff on the Android, like its version of predictive typing and being able to learn at a rate quicker than what I saw on iOS. But it all depends on what you’re looking to do with the device.

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Yeah. I’m definitely leaning towards the iPhone, just because I can buy it unlocked from the Apple store which will be cheaper for me to use on my existing contract. I ain’t rolling in the dough!

      I had been considering the Blackberry 10 for a bit, because I didn’t want to “sheep” (Damn, brainwashing psycho exes.) Then realized, I CANNOT STAND RIM and the phone will probably a) never come out, b) be garbage/recalled or c) be way overpriced. Someone once told me that there is an issue with a company who needs to bring out 10 different models of phones vs. the iPhone with their standard model of phone what with improvements on models through the years. Blackberry is garbage. That is that.

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