My Journey: The Beginning

Hello, TGIF!

So I think I mentioned something like grabbing life by the balls or horns or something and said I wanted to try a fitness competition.

Nervous excitement!


I did some research and I am seriously getting the ball rolling on this one. I haven’t officially registered yet for the competition, but I have started making the moves to prepare and educate myself for the competition.

I’ve told my parents and my close friends about it, and they’ve been extremely supportive and it feels great! (Special shout out to LoveLaughSweat and RunningAndTheRest!) It’s been a bit chaotic and exciting…and the serious stuff hasn’t even started yet. So I’ll give you an itty bitty update:

  • The competition is October 26, 2013 in Hamilton at Mohawk College
  • It’s a Halloween-themed competition, which definitely drew me even further to the idea of doing my first competition. I love Halloween, if you haven’t noticed!
  • I’m looking into a fitness competition coach and/or personal trainer with extensive fitness competition experience, whether it be as a participant or a coach. I have a pretty solid knowledge of the food plan and work out schedule, but I would like some guidance and an extra push.
  • I have a meeting tomorrow with the owner of Fit Bunnies Fitness, a personal training and fitness studio in Oakville. I had seen her brochure in my optometrist’s office (haha!) and I looked into her website and — ta da! — she had experience in competing at fitness competitions.
  • I am leaning towards competing in the fitness model category. (Think Oxygen magazine cover models.) The figure and physique was too intense for me and simply, I was most drawn and motivated to do the fitness model category.
  • I’ve already changed my eating habits dramatically since last week: cutting out simple sugars (crying!); eating more veggies, fruits and protein; NO BREAD; etc.
  • Increasing my daily water intake tenfold. I aim to drink about 3L a day now and I actually do reach that goal. (More bathroom trips at work, but hey.)

I live at home — yay! — so I informed my parents that I will be grocery shopping and prepping my own meals, as I will have to start making my meals for the week ahead — yay Sundays will be so fun now! — and I’ll be eating more meat, so that will get expensive. I need to control what I eat and having my Mom make my dinner makes me feel out of control and will definitely hinder my training progress. I already feel good eating more healthy, which makes me wonder why I have never stuck with eating healthy and eating treats in moderation vs. indulging all the time. (It’s the Leo in me…always indulging! Impulsive everything, holy smokes.)

I will try and avoid to ALWAYS post about my fitness competition prep and the recipes I try that I will post will be more healthy than my usual bacon cupcakes — crying part two.

I’m excited to try something new and work towards a challenge. I haven’t done anything competitive in a long, long while and I’m craving some sort of an athletic achievement and whatnot.

I’m thinking that competing in this fitness competition will be life-changing for me: it will help me get stronger, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. The Paige from 2011 and 2012 would say “You can’t do this.” but 2013 Paige says, this will be AWESOME POSSUM.

Thanks in advance for your support and I will keep you updated!



9 Comments Add yours

  1. Casey Palmer says:

    Dope as hell! That’s an intense challenge πŸ˜€ Good luck to you! I know you can SMASH this πŸ˜€

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Thanks! Yes, I am very excited but also a bit scared! Update me on your life!

      1. Casey Palmer says:

        Both good and bad β€” good is that I’m just keeping busy with my projects and progressing with stuff; came up with a list of 100 things I’d like to accomplish this year:

        So working away at that.

        Bad? Came down with a case of Bell’s Palsy, so I’m on antivirals to try and get the left side of my face working again. Happy New Year to me 😐

  2. Hey I’m Isaac Hall, I too competed in the NPC Daytona Beach Classic in September of 2012. GREAT EXPERIENCE as you will have too πŸ™‚ You have a nice blog here, I will follow please do the same if you see fit too.
    Isaac Hall

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      I’ve never done it before! I casually work out 4 times a week, just for fun, so I’m not a total clueless person. I’m excited but nervous!

      1. You’ll do fine, Good luck on your training, it’ll be a great experience!

  3. New follow, looking forward to following your progress

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Thank you! I met with a potential coach today, so new posts soon!

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