Week 1: Canada’s Next Top Fitness Model?

So, it’s officially official…part two.

I have confirmed training with my fitness coach, Jill from Fit Bunnies Fitness and we start this week! When I met with her last Saturday, she suggested that I compete in the IDFA Novice Classic in Mississauga in April first, because it is especially for novices and she said I’d do really well in it! Well…there was no argument there…I want to win! If I do well in that competition, then I qualify for the more International Competition in July. Woohoo! I’m thinking I’m going to do this one and ponder the UFE Mayhem competition in October, because training and everything will be super expensive and I’m not exactly rolling in the dough.

But I’m super, super excited! This week, I have been instructed to not eat wheat (ok, haven’t been eating that in a couple weeks), dairy (no milk in my coffee?!!?), and sugar (ok black coffee?!?!). I’ve purchased a food scale and our deep freezer is stocked with portioned chicken breasts..woo! We meet on Saturday for my first fitness and nutrition meeting — let’s do this!

I’ll post pictures and my progress as we go, so you can see me transform from my slightly soft caterpillar into a beautiful, beautiful butterfly!



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  1. can’t wait to hear all about it! I hope we can see each other soon 🙂

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