Kaleidoscope Dream – Miguel

Let me start off by saying, I have never been one for R&B, because it always made me feel uncomfortable: all that mushy, gushy, candlelit bubble baths with some corn-rowed man with Angelina Jolie-esque lips and a blinding chain.


(Hey, I grew up as a suburban white girl with Nelly, Ja Rule, Usher circa 8701, and Boyz II Men as my men of R&B. What more could you expect?!)

But as I’ve gotten older, an appreciation for those slow, “emotional” (sexual arousal counts, I think) songs grew. I’m going to classify The Weeknd as an R&B crooner and back in April 2011 was when I decided that I, Paige, liked R&B.

At appropriate times of course. I usually listen to my iPod when doing something athletic or pre-party festivities, where you need to be SUPER JACKED UP.

End ramble.

I won this CD from Panic Manual contest before Christmas and received it on Christmas Eve. Little did I know that this album would be one of my top Christmas gifts!

Track Listing:

1. Adorn Miguel 3:13
2. “Don’t Look Back” Nathan Perez, Pimentel Happy Perez, Miguel 4:26
3. “Use Me” Warren Felder, Ronnie James, Steve Mostyn, Pimentel, Nycole Russell, Elle Varner, Andrew Wansel Andrew “Pop” Wansel, Miguel (co.), Steve “Ace” Mostyn (co.), Warren “Oak” Felder 4:40
4. “Do You…” Arden Altino, Jerry Duplessis, Paul Pesco, Pimentel Arden “Keyz” Altino (co.), Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis, Miguel (co.) 3:28
5. “Kaleidoscope Dream” Pimentel, Salaam RemiLabi Siffre Miguel (co.), Salaam Remi 4:17
6. “The Thrill” Allen Arthur, Keith Justice, Pimentel, Glayton Reilly Miguel, Phatboiz 3:04
7. “How Many Drinks?” Roger Nichols, Pimentel, Remi, Paul Williams Salaam Remi 4:32
8. “Where’s the Fun in Forever” Felder, Alicia Keys, Mostyn, Pimentel, Wansel Andrew “Pop” Wansel, Steve “Ace” Mostyn (co.), Warren “Oak” Felder 3:29
9. “Arch & Point” Pimentel, Mac Robinson, Brian Warfield Fisticuffs 3:17
10. “Pussy Is Mine” Pimentel Miguel 2:53
11. “Candles in the Sun” Pimentel Miguel 4:55
via Wikipedia

My favourite songs are Kaleidoscope Dream (the bass line is …speechlessly amazing), Don’t Look Back, Use Me, Do You…, The Thrill, and How Many Drinks?

Honestly, the last four songs didn’t make my favourites, because I’m too busy obsessively replaying the first seven tracks. Ha! I have this CD in my car and I cannot seem to get enough of it!

I was playing it in my car and my friend told me it reminded her of Solange Knowles. (Who I guess has a DJ career or something now. Who knows?) So if you like sensual yet bad-ass beats, sexy and romantic lyrics…this is for you dear friends!

It is such a great album and I can’t wait to hear more from this spicy delight!

I give this album 9 out of 10 blonde moments. 


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