11 Weeks!

This makes me sound like I’m pregnant. Laugh out loud.

I AM NOT PREGNANT. Unless I am giving birth to the second Jesus (sacrilege!!!!), this is impossible.

Anyways, I’m 11 weeks out to my competition. Eek! My coach emailed me my food plan for next week, as it will be changing weekly from now on. I will lose my two ‘free’ meals or ‘cheat meals’ and my 2 tablespoons of jam I get at 1PM on Friday. Tears are flowing heavily. I also have an extra 15 minutes of cardio added on to my workout-cardio-combo days (not my OFF days. Yet.)

I am so excited! How has the time flown by so quickly?! It feels like I just started this journey last week, but I’ve already been dedicated and training for three-almost-four weeks!

So at 11 weeks, I will start my ‘dialing in’: increase cardio, decrease food. Thus, cheaper groceries and hopefully less food prep – I AM FIFTY SHADES OF OKAY WITH THAT.

I have become an eagle eye for chicken breasts on sale and reading carbohydrate labels on foods. This has proved to be a great life lesson in flyer scouring for me.

Summary of Updates:


I’m seeing lots more definition in my arms and chest area. (More lines and whatnot!)

I definitely have more definition in my abs. Ab. Ripper X. (Tony Horton voice). Two times a week is all you need! When I start cutting more, it’ll be even betta.

ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN. There could not be any more truth to this. Note: I did Ab Ripper X every other day a couple of summers ago with heavy cardio for a month and I have seen way more results these past 3 weeks – doing it 2 times a week – than that entire month. 


I’m starting to stress about post-competition diet and routine. I read a bunch of articles yesterday (and emailed them to myself) about post-competition diet. Thank goodness for those articles, because I know I’ll need them later on. I’m nervous about how I should be eating post-competition: I know for a fact that I will be lost and get post-competition blues. I want to maintain my fit figure, but not to the extreme of my pre-competition diet. I will likely stay eating clean – with the addition of healthy dairy and fruits – with a cheat meal or two a week.

I know, I know, I am jumping way ahead of myself thinking of my post-competition, but this is what I do. Always thinking months ahead. I just want to be prepared and mentally prepare myself for another shock to my lifestyle.

I know I can be dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, because I don’t want to go back to how I looked before after I’ve worked so. Damn. Hard.

I log enough hours in the gym (even on my OFF days) to constitute a part-time job in addition to my full-time job. It’s crazy to think about.

But this experience has been great so far and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s given me 1,000 times more confidence and faith in myself that if I have a goal or a dream, that I can do it.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. skybunnies says:

    Focus on the task at hand and don’t stress about post comp, because it’ll be easier than you think once you ease your body off unecessary sugars and refined carbs.
    So exciting to hear your body definition coming out more- keep at it and I think more progress shots are in order 😉

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      I know, so typical of me to panic ahead unnecessarily! I need to focus more on living in the present ha!

      I took some yesterday after my night in the gym! (We’re so cool!)

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