WARNING: Rant About Canada Post

Oh hey, guys.

You know me, right?

The girl who will do ANYTHING for a pair of shoes.

Well, lo and behold, I ordered a pair of shoes online a month ago. And I’m about to go rabid dog on Canada Post.


I usually order from ShoeDazzle – great prices, effective incentives/lures/sales traps and they always ship super quickly! Bonus!

ShoeDazzle delivers from California. This will be important later on.

So I ordered a pair of shoes from this site RevolveClothing: they had a great deal on a pair of shoes I have been lusting over since last summer but never knew I could ever remotely afford them. They had a decent returns/exchanges policy, so I thought why not. (I may or may not have been blinded by the infatuation I had with adopting these new babies.)

I ordered them a month ago. They were coming in from from LAX – so glam already!

I had been RELIGIOUSLY checking the Canada Post tracking page for my shoes. They have been sitting in Canadian Customs since January 25. I checked the site again this morning and it has been noted that

The international item has left Canada.


I’m in Canada? Shouldn’t it be leaving to me? Shouldn’t that read ‘en route to delivery”? “Delivery in progress”? “Paige, you’ll be getting your babies soon, don’t you worry, chile?”

So I’m thinking. Someone — SOMEONE INSANE/SHOE-HATER/JEALOUS WOMAN, PERHAPS — has shipped my shoes back to the sender.

Now, why in Kimye’s name, would these innocent Jeffrey Campbells be sent back to LA when they belong on my cute little size-6 toesies here in chilly Toronto?

Honestly, Canada Post. Did you find a bomb in them? Were they too sexy and dangerous for us in tepid, lukewarm Canada?

I’m going to contact the sender first.

Then, as soon as I find a dang CONTACT NUMBER for Canada Post — sneaky dickens! They have you qualify for an ‘online service ticket’ in order to complain. Oh please!

You messed with the wrong, shoeaholic Canada Post.

I demand answers!

If any of you have ever had any similar experiences with either Revolve Clothing or Canada Post, please let this desperado blondie know!



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