I’m No Yoda, But Here’s A Little Wisdom


So, obviously if you’re a religious (or casual) reader of my blog, you know that I am embarking on this fitness journey of competing in a fitness competition.

On this journey, I read a lot of fitness blogs and follow a lot of fitness Instagram accounts. And in doing so, I’ve connected with some like-minded people who are awesome people who are “going through” the same thing as me (as if training is a bad thing! It’s not!) Heyyy, Sky!

There are tons of great fitness blogs and Instagram accounts that are inspirational and provide uplifting fitspo. As I’ve mentioned before, everyone’s fitness journey is different so particular fitness blogs and philosophies may not be relevant to you and your goals. That being said, I’ve seen some comments and reactions from people (especially on Instagram) that really concern me.

If you read the last post I reblogged from FitIn52‘s blog about muscle versus fat weight, you’ll learn a bit more about fitness and hopefully gain a better perspective of what being fit means.

  • To the people who want to “look like those girls on stage as fast as possible”: REALITY CHECK. “As fast as possible” won’t happen. If you have that mentality, you will fail and not achieve a lean, mean bod. Fitness competitors dedicate a large amount of time to achieve that body: months in advance of competitions. I started a mere 14 weeks (three and a half months) before my competition! Most people start way earlier than me.

Put it this way: you dedicate a small amount of time and effort into your workouts, you will achieve a small amount of progress and result. Transformation of your body takes time. You didn’t gain weight or lose muscle mass in a couple of weeks, so it will definitely take longer to transform yourself into a beautiful, beautiful butterfly.

Be patient. (I have to tell myself this all of the time, because I am the most impatient Leo EVER.) You’ll start noticing changes in your body about 4 weeks into your training regime and everyone else might start noticing 8 weeks in. It all depends! Just don’t give up and work those buns off!

  •  People assume the more ab workouts you do…INSTA-ABS! There is no filter for abs, sweet cheeks. 

A couple summers ago, I did the P90X Ab Ripper X workout every other day after my 5K run and I kiiiiind of started to see little abs peeking out after a couple of weeks but I wasn’t motivated/eating right. For my competition, I do the P90X Ab Ripper X on my off days (twice a week) and I started to seeing results a month or so in. And DRASTIC ones. I have a pretty decent start on abs for my competition and I have 8 weeks to go! Eeeek!


ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN. Put down that beer, bagel, milk (ahhh, maybe you can keep the milk if you’d like) and do some work outs. You will definitely see results way quicker than doing measly 50 sit ups or whatever Cosmopolitan is telling you to do to “get flat abs for da boyz.”

If I can do it, you can do it!

Moral of this story:

  • Work your ass off if what you wish for is a leaner, meaner bod. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” blah-dee-blah. 
My competition shoes came in the mail today! Hurray! Sooo pretty (sarcasm.)
My competition shoes came in the mail today! Hurray! Sooo pretty (sarcasm.)




3 Comments Add yours

  1. skybunnies says:

    Well said woman, and that’s some fine washboard abs you got yourself there 😉
    Are the shoes Pleasers? I got mine two days ago and the clear straps are so tack-arama lol

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Haha thank you! And yes they are! Luckily I’m not allowed a high platform or straps because I would die! Stripper shoes for the win lol

  2. Reblogged this on love laugh sweat and commented:
    Thanks for a wonderful blog post from one of my besties, Paige at “its better blonde”! This is all SO TRUE. I get so many clients who expect me to help them lose 10-40 lbs of weight in minimal time, plus completely change their body composition. Please people, BE MORE REALISTIC. It takes time to undo years of bad eating habits and lack of exercise. But I promise, you WILL get results if you work hard in your workouts and eat healthy consistently. It just takes time. Persevere! As a trainer, I feel like people expect me to be the one to change how they look. Yes, I can help you and guide you with appropriate workouts and exercises, but it’s mainly up to YOU. YOU need to commit to exercise, eating healthy, and changing your lifestyle to a healthier one. Little by little, changes need to be made if you’re actually committed to drastic body changes.

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