An irony about being a 20-something: finally having the money to do things (remember in school when you could barely afford that dollar beer bingefest?!), but alas, you don’t really have the time.

At least that’s how I feel. Even though I’m young and commitment free – no boyfriend (yay me!), no kids, no pets, no strings – I’ve been groomed/taught/programmed to work my butt off and I rarely take days off work.

Like, never.

Doctor appointments and my post-grad commencement ceremony. Oh, and that time I had already planned a vacation to Chicago as a graduation present with my mom. (Felt guilty about it, but had to accept it.)

I have many friends – and Facebook acquaintances – who have clearly embraced the wanderlust bug. I am jealous! I am plagued with the need for a steady income to survive and the desire to further my career.

I love my job right now: performing arts marketing and communications? Did I grow up dancing? Do I love arts and entertainment? Did I go to school for PR? Am I right in the amazing industry I want to be in? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Why would I want to leave that and go back to being an unemployed, sweatpant-wearing ball of stress?

I love to work hard — full-time career and full-time extra-curriculars …but I also love to play hard.

Solution: do my traveling and wanderlusting in bursts. I spent five days in Chicago in November: something I wanted to do forever for reasons I can’t explain. Honestly. Just some weird draw to that Midwestern city.

And no, it had nothing to do with Chief Keef or Kanye. Perhaps, a little Kanye. And I had a deep-dish — SO. MUCH. CHEESE. I fell in love with Chicago. Sigh. (Read more, here.)

So I want to share a list of my top wanderlust spots I need to visit within the next couple of years:

  1. Paris – “We’ll always have Paris.” Another inexplicable draw to this city of wine, cheese, bread and upturned noses. This is number one on my list for a reason.
    This is very similar to the IKEA frame in my room. Swoon.


  2. Africa – undecided about the specific country. There are so many to choose from. Safety is probably number one in considering the country(-ies) I want to visit. My friend told me a story about being held at gunpoint – machine gun point – so I’m definitely wary of the safety aspect.

    Egypt seems super cool. That and Zambia would be super neat-o!
  3. Australia – um, beautiful men everywhere with accents — need I say more? (I will say more! Always say more!) I’m a sucker for accents. And beaches. The whole dang country is an island which means non-stop beaches. …Right? Plus, I love koala bears. (Even if they have chlamydia or gonorrhea. ONLY THINGS WITH STDs I WILL GO NEAR, OKAY?!)

    Mmmmm, beaches.
  4. Asia – undecided between Tokyo and Hong Kong. I love sushi, but I also love the hustle and bustle that is Hong Kong. Why not both?! Mmmm, authentic Asian food. Plus, a country where I am above average height! (Source: Buzzle) Hurray!

    Kind of like Yonge-Dundas Square downtown Toronto, non? KIND OF.
  5. New Orleans – I just love them cajun accents. (I LOVE ALL ACCENTS.) And I also love spicy food. And parties. Perhaps I should hit New Orleans before my hangovers get any worse. See y’all soon!

    No Mardi Gras beads for me, though.

Will this be possible with the plan of moving out on my own? Probably not. But stay tuned…

Update: I may or may not be going to Las Vegas in May with my bestest female friends. Insert air horn noise here. Wooooo! (I’ve been before, just never while I was legally old enough to consume alcohol.)



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Enjoy yourself! Its nothing like having time, energy, and money 🙂

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Thanks! I have none of the above at the moment, but come May (as long as I don’t qualify for the IDFA National Championships in July), I’ll have more of the above! Hopefully. Haha!

      1. Well look forward to nada lol…cuz ur gonna qualify…go get’em! 🙂

        1. Paige Andrea says:

          Oh shucks! Thanks! I hope so — I have an insatiable need to be number one!

          1. Now thats the Heart of a Champion! 😉

            1. Paige Andrea says:

              I thought it was just because I’m a Leo! 😉

  2. there’s nothing wrong with a little wanderlust!!! 🙂 I hope you can visit all those places soon! but ya I agree, you may just be extending your fitness journey till july! 😛 sexy lady!

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