Customer Service All-Star: REVOLVEClothing

The pretty box my new babies came in. Kitties!
The pretty box my new babies came in. Kitties!

Remember my rant about Canada Post? Of course you do, because it was SO AMAZING.

Anyways, here’s an update on my precious babies.

I feel like a mother adopting a baby from a distant land. Hurry up and be mine! Fuhgeddabout the paperwork!

So I’ve been in (constant) contact with the REVOLVEClothing people via email and David, Ralph and Candice are now my BFFS. SHOUTOUTZZZ!

Anyways, they’ve been really great: not being robots is a bonus, helping to soothe my shoe hysteria, being very accommodating and actually replying to my hysterical (concerned!) emails.

So upon checking the USPS Tracking Tool, I noticed it had been delivered to Artesia, California. Hey! That’s not where I live at all! So I emailed dear David and he told me they are re-shipping. I then filled out a customer service survey and ranked their customer service as wonderful but the experience as not-so-good. Candice then immediately emailed me and told me that they are sending my shoes on their speediest shipping service (for free!) and gave me a 25% discount on my purchase which was immediately refunded from my VISA.

Let’s just say I have seldom had such a positive customer service experience from a poor experience overall. I could be traumatized from purchasing items online (let’s be serious…I’m always going to online shop!) BUT because I had an amazing customer service experience, I will recommend REVOLVEClothing for all your hip, hot-to-trot amazingly discounted designer duds.

Update (Feb 27): I just received my new Jeffy’s in the mail. If Mother Nature didn’t release the Winter Kraken on us today, I would have worn them to work for sure. I will have to settle to wear them to a country bar for my friend’s birthday tomorrow night. I am squealing (inside , of course.) 

Can I wear them to bed…?

Hey cutie pies
Hey cutie pies


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  1. ahahahaha those at a country bar!? hmmmmm. take a pic of your outfit! glad you got ’em 🙂

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      I will! (I like to wear the non-typical to country bars. I gotta stand out, ya know?!) 😉

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