Toronto’s Cupcake Sweetheart: Prairie Girl Bakery


Birthdays: cake, presents, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, loot bags.

Those were the days!

(Although, I never was one for pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey: I have terrible directional skills with my eyes open, let alone closed.)

So it’s an old friend’s birthday and I wanted to get her a cupcake.

They’re cute and — dare I say, have been trendy —  for the past few years. Gourmet cupcake bakeries have popped up everywhere, thanks to television shows like Cupcake Wars and Cupcake Girls (Yay CanCon!) These bakeries provide so many choices of flavors that span beyond the local grocery conglomerate’s white and chocolate sheet cake flavors. (Costco, I still got love for your sheet cake. No worries, sweet cheeks.)

Peanut butter icing? On a dark cocoa cupcake? These are what my dreams are made of!

So my co-workers have been raving about this cupcake bakery, Prairie Girl Bakery for a while and I decided I’d go there and see what all the fuss is about.

After taking a short poll, I decided I’d pick the Joe Prairie Red Velvet Cupcake with Chocolate and Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing. (Hopefully my friend likes red velvet! I always forget that not everyone loves the same things as me!)

Walking into the quaint bakery was like walking onto a children’s television set: all pastels and simple interior decor. The menu was clear and the type was large: I never wear my glasses so I was grateful for this! (Most of the time I’m squinting like crazy from my place in line twenty feet away from the menu. I’m looking at you Starbucks. And you z-teca!)

The place wasn’t too busy for a Friday lunch hour. I was surprised — because what better time for a cupcake than 12PM on the day before the weekend?! This was a definite plus.

They also had cute take-home postcards with their 15 different cupcake flavor combinations, which helps ease the struggle of the spectacled cupcake-lover or for someone who wants to order twenty dozen in the future!

Their “pick and purchase” process was clean, organized and quick! I was the fourth person in line and I was done in about 4 minutes or so. The staff were very friendly, which also another huge plus. (It’s sad when good customer service has to be a ‘shock’ in hospitality and food/beverage institutions.)

You can order either a regular sized cupcake for $2.95 or a mini for $1.75.  You can order singles, 1/2 dozen or dozen. And you have the option of gluten-free: bonus! I realized this too late, unfortunately. They also give you the option of buying cute cupcake toppers for a sweet 50 cents. I needed the crown one .

(Pssst, I totally bought myself a mini peanut butter dark cocoa cupcake. Shhhh, don’t tell my trainer. I haven’t eaten it yet but I think I’m going to. Shhhhh.)

Basically what I’m saying is: if you love cupcakes, go here. Support local businesses, people. They appreciate it!

(Also, please buy and eat all their cupcakes so I’m no longer tempted.)

You can see all of their flavors and more details on advance ordering, their location and hours here. And follow them on Twitter too — they actually reply! (It’s the little things, you know.)


Princess Sweet Tooth


3 Comments Add yours

  1. skybunnies says:

    Jeepers, looks like the cupcake monster has been visiting here too- there were a few in my office yesterday staring at the back of my head with their gooey vanilla icing eyes…lol
    Send me your boutique cupcakes and I’ll send some from mine and it won’t be considered cheating hehehe

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Whyyyy! I have a craving for a cupcake! I’ll send you all of them!! Lol

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