Progress is…

Being able to destroy five egg whites and two whole eggs in one sitting and be totally fine with it.

(I used to struggle to eat my six egg white – 1/2 cup oats breakfast.) 

Now it’s kid stuff!

Ramped up my cardio AGAIN – two-45-mins-a-days. YAY.

5 weeks to go.


I have my posing workshop on Sunday so I get to practice my showgirling. Woo!

Here’s some progress pics for you pretty people:

Le back at six weeks to go!
Le back at six weeks to go!
Ab game at five weeks to go!
Ab game at five weeks to go!


Happy Friday!



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  1. thekittchen says:

    Wow! I would love to know more about your ab workout! (I do a mix of circuitfit, trx, and fitness classes and am trying to up my ab game!)

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Hey! I actually don’t do that many ab workouts – for the first 6 weeks of my training, I did P90x Ab Ripper X twice a week and got bored and switched to an oblique-focused workout designed by my little sister with planks, side planks, anti-extensions, etc. I am in the gym everyday though doing cardio twice a day – treadmill walk on an incline, arc trainer and step mill) and eating painfully clean (no wheat, sugar or dairy) haha. But that’s about it! Hope this helps!

  2. CaRly says:

    holy progress batman! you go girl, that’s what inspiration is made of for the rest of us – dedicated people and bodies like yours

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Bahahaha thanks girl! I’m pooped!

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