A Different Kind of Fitspo

Happy Monday everyone!

(It’s happy for me because today is a high-carb day. Don’t hate me, please.)

So yesterday I had my posing workshop for my competition. I was nervous and excited: I felt like it was a first day of school, because I didn’t know anyone going to this workshop and wasn’t sure what it would be like!

The first part was informative and I learned a lot about what the judges are looking for in terms of tan, attitude on stage, suit, physique, judging process and of course – posing.

The second half of the workshop involved the actual posing itself. The ladies and men were split into groups (we didn’t pose with the boys – they have a completely different posing technique), slipped our plastic heels on and stripped down to our second-skin clothes. Some ladies were even rocking their bra or a bikini. I was shy – didn’t want to reveal all of my goodies just yet.

Let me tell you – it was HARD. My back is so sore today because of it. We learned the necessary poses for the stage: front pose, side pose, rear pose, and relaxed pose. My biggest struggle is doing my lat spread during the rear pose – pointy shoulder blades.

Sigh. I think I’ll need some posing classes from my coach. I’ve been practicing non-stop since then! But a fellow competitor at the workshop asked me if I had done it before so I guess that’s a good sign, right?

We also practiced transitions between poses, walking and learned about the ‘T Walk’. I am terrified for that – it is basically like walking a runway, posing in the middle, walking to the right, posing, walking to the left, posing, and then walking back. And you have to do it all sexy and sassy with flourish while teetering on plastic five-inchers.

Lawd, help me.

I am experiencing serious intimidation and fear of mediocrity right now. I’ve never really been one to stand out and I’m insecure about that. There were a ton of girls there – over 20 and most had great physiques. If they didn’t have a great physique, they were beautiful and they had certain features that made them stand out: one had awesome blonde curly hair and the other was super tall and was really good at transitioning.

I’m scared.

I know that I have a great physique going: I just need to remember to throw my insecurities and shyness out the window when I’m on stage. My mind will be my biggest enemy.

I’ve got to tell myself to just relax and have fun and it doesn’t matter if I win or lose. (Even though my instinct is to win.)

I have been conditioned to fear failure and it has its drawbacks. I’d like to win, of course and I like to set my goals high, but I think I also need to mentally prepare myself to accept not winning as not failure. (Does that make sense?)

So – more for my benefit than anyone else’s – I will post some motivational cheese to help me get through this negative roadblock I’m experiencing.

Thanks for listening.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. just remember the grand scheme of things: this is your FIRST competition, you are already doing INCREDIBLE just by following the strict diet and training plan, and you will win just by completing the posing and stage stuff! It doesn’t matter if you win against the other competitors, you’re already winning more than you know just by taking on this awesome challenge! I can’t wait to watch you!

  2. skybunnies says:

    Darling, don’t be scared, you’ll knock them all dead on the day! Confidence is the key and get used to the damn shoes too- personally, I’ve hidden from the group posing classes because I wanted to avoid seeing the other girls before comp day, so you’re definitely doing better than me so far xxo

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