Throwback Thursday: The Gap

Yep, that’s right. THE GAP.

Man, I used to fangirl so hard — before fangirling was coined — for The Gap. I remember the year it came to Canada — my 6th grade friends who didn’t travel to the States often freaked the hell out.


My entire class probably dreamed about those classic Gap-logoed long-sleeved shirts and hoodies. (I know I did.)

I would have slain a small bank to afford one of those sought-after backpacks (contrary to popular belief, my suburban self did not get expensive things paid for by her parents.)

I remember the year I saved up all summer from my $2.50 allowance (I’m telling you, shit was tough — especially when I got so much deducted for being a sassy preteen), assorted jobs around the house that I received coins for and of course, my beloved birthday money. That backpack was the pride and joy of my 12-year-old life. A detachable lunch bag in periwinkle blue: my life was but a dream!

That was the early 2000s.

My obsession (yes, obsession. I seem to use that word a lot. Hm.) with The Gap faded in the eighth grade when it was more cool to rock Old Navy and Parasuco jeans.

Anyways, my love for The Gap has been reignited with a thousand seeing fires of R’Hllor (Game of Thrones reference!)

I went shopping at the Eaton’s Centre on Saturday and popped into The Gap, because my sister had said their workout gear was pretty awesome and affordable — more affordable than my love, Lululemon.

Then. The Moment happened.

I saw The Pants.

(Man, I am having a serious self-actualization moment here. I get fixated on clothing. Need an intervention stat.)

They were camo. CAMO. And they looked so gorgeous. So, I thought, I’m going to try them on. They probably won’t look good, but whatever. Life is short!

Let me tell you something.

Normally, I only purchase my jeans from Forever21 and American Eagle Outfitters, because they have affordable denim in cute styles and are the perfect length for my little nubs of legs! I mean, come on, not everyone is built like a flat-butted Amazonian model. Some of us got currrrrves, man! Purrrrr.

So I tried on The Gap’s Always Skinny Skimmer jean ($79.99CAD): meant to hit just above the ankle for the average woman. Mine hit me right at my ankle, so purrrrrfection. And they fit slightly larger than most jeans so I had to purchase two sizes smaller than my normal size.

Shameless Fitting Room Selfie
Shameless Fitting Room Selfie w/Tags BAYBAY

What girl doesn’t love being a smaller size than she is normally?! I was ecstatic.

The camo jeans were so me: a little bit edgy/urban while still being tailored and sophisticated-looking. I rocked those babies with a cute burgundy blazer and some loafers on Tuesday at work and will rock them with a pair of boots for a more casual, hippity-hop style.


Anyways, I’m obsessed with these Always Skinny Skimmers. So if you love a good pair of jeans that make your butt look out of this world – go grab a pair.

Honestly — I don’t endorse products unless I am head over heels in love with them.

Speaking of head over heels: check out this awesome Iggy Azalea song, Work. Um, blonde hip hop females?! #TeamBlonde



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