The Hurricane That Is My Life

It’s been 11 days since I’ve posted my last blog post.

Miss me?

That is how crazy my life has been. And it’s not slowing down anytime soon!


  • I’m four weeks out from my competition (my coach says it’s three. I think she’s not counting my days of zombiedom during the last week before my competition.)
  • I’ve been crazy busy at work. (We’re presenting three shows at work so I’ve been doing program coordinating, chasing account reps down for invoices and compiling financial settlements.) On top of my daily tasks, of course.
  • I also got assaulted by a cold on Thursday. I went all winter without getting a single sniffle or sore throat and then the day after the first day of spring — BAM! I took the day off work to rest, because I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO BE SICK. Felt way better the next day and I feel almost good as new today.
  • Even though I was sick on Thursday, I still went to the gym and killed my back workout and I had a posing session organized with my coach — I’m a champ, okay? Remember how I said I was feeling nervous/unsure after that posing workshop a couple of weeks ago? NOT ANYMORE. I have the best coach ever! We practiced my posing and my T Walk. Let’s just say those other girls better hold on to their weaves because I am about to blow them out of the water.
  • I feel super confident about my T Walk and posing now and I practice every day — mainly to admire my smashingly sexy physique, but hey. My coach told me to practice my T Walk and posing in the gym WITH MY STRIPPER HEELS ON, because if I feel nervous and silly there, I can do it on stage. Honestly though — I’m not scared to walk on stage — I used to dance! –I’m more scared to practice in the gym — juicy meatheads and hoity-toity spandex gym rats are not very friendly! For now, I’ll prance around in my basement — perhaps I’ll graduate to the driveway when it gets a little warmer.
  • Carbs are getting depleted quicker than I can say goodbye to them. Feeling nostalgic for the days when I struggled to eat a cup of oats or the days I was allowed almond butter. I would strangle a small animal for more oats these days. But I feel good, nonetheless.
  • PANTS ARE GETTING TOO BIG. All of my jeans no longer fit. Perfect. Will probably have to start wearing leggings and dresses with tights to work now.
  • Makeup and hair appointment booked for the morning of my competition. Will book my spray tanning sessions sometime this week. Also need to book a hair appointment to fix this broke girl’s “ombre” a.k.a. I have terrible (by my standards) roots right now. (This seems to be turning into a chore list.)
  • I won a signed copy of the fifth Game of Thrones book from The Movie Network last week. Woo!
  • Also won tickets to see Springbreakers on Wednesday. Hopefully I don’t use up all my luck on all these contests. I’ll stop now that I think about it.
4.5 Weeks Out! Obliques are coming!
4.5 Weeks Out! Obliques are coming!

Anyways, that’s all I got for you right now.




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  1. Almost there, you can do it! Work out insane and practice, practice, practice…ignore the gym rats lol 🙂

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Thanks! I know I practice all the time – even in the bathroom at work lol!

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