Dialing In: 2 Weeks!


My competition is three weeks away. I cannot even believe it. It seems like my six week mark was just yesterday!

Some updates:

  • Booked my hair coloring appointment for the Thursday before. (These roots ain’t stage cute!)
  • Booked my two spray tan sessions at Gold Tan for Thursday and Friday. (I am so excited for this! I’ve never done one before and I’ve only seen them on reality TV. Hopefully I don’t turn out Oompa Loompa-ish!)
  • I had a teensy chocolate “fiasco” on Saturday night. (My Nannie is British so she always has these awesome Cadbury treats and she had given me some for Easter on the Friday. I had a moment of weakness and ate half a bag of these Crunchie bites. The best part: didn’t even feel bad about it! Mostly had a tummyache but got over it. NO REGRETS! I’ve been so good so far that I was cool with it. I went extra hard on my cardio the next day, so haterz gonna hate!)
  • Today and tomorrow are my last days with carbs until my carb load right before my competition! Been treasuring my oats and sweet potatoes today.
  • Upped my cardio to one hour and 45 minutes a day. (Two hours on my OFF days.) I used to hate cardio, but I have a severe love-hate relationship with the step mill.
  • I’ve been practicing my posing and I am loving hamming it up in my basement.I have become a selfie-obsessed freakazoid!
  • These are also my last few days before I cut any and all condiments and spices!  No more mustard with my chicken or hot sauce or ketchup! My egg white parties will become a sad affair: cue me shoveling those nasty eggs in my mouth as fast as possible. (No wonder I’m single!)
  • Starting Thursday, I also cut my Xtend intake during my workouts. My trainer says that this will make a huge difference in my workouts and I’m genuinely curious to see how I’ll feel! Because I’ve only really seen the Xtend as kind of a “fun” juice for me, I never really consciously think of it as aiding me in my energy and recovery. We’ll see!
  • Since I’ll be doing a carb depletion and upping my cardio, my energy levels will plummet like crazy. I’m scared but excited at the same time. Hopefully my religious bedtime of 9:30PM will help to ease that energy loss.
  • With the exception of the Chocolate Situation, I received an awesome chocolate-less Easter gift from my parents: a lottery ticket (I lost – boo!) and some Dandelion Root Tea. Mmm mmm. I’ll be using this nearer to my competition when I start to taper my water intake as a natural diuretic. (I apologize to my work in advance for spending 75% of the day peeing my little heart out. Too much? Ooops!)

    Apparently this tastes like pee. THRILLING!
    Apparently this tastes like pee. THRILLING!
  • I also snagged some awesome new workout gear this weekend. (I am hooked on these GapFit gFast capris. Much more affordable than lululemon and they make your lower half look fant-ASS-tic. Honestly. Go buy them.) And this hawt pink lululemon tank was a must-have for this spring.

    My go-to gym outfit - I am looking swell!
    My go-to gym outfit – I am looking swell!
  • Since I work for a government agency, I got today off from work — booyakasha! — so I went to Costco and scooped up some amazing purchases: 144 egg whites for less than 10 dollars (umm, why didn’t I go here before?!); Wheat Belly (I’ve been wanting to read this forever!); Game of Thrones Season 2 on DVD; Wild (Also on my To Read list); and a huuuuuuuuge jar of almond butter for competition day.

    My Pirate's Plunder. Yarrrgh!
    My Pirate’s Plunder. Yarrrgh!

Here is my ULTIMATE favourite workout jam right now (for all my Biggie fans!)

More later this week (are you sick of me yet?!)



4 Comments Add yours

  1. omg I wanna read that Wild book so badly!!!!!! Maybe I can borrow it from you when you’re done?? everything sounds like it’s going great for you Paige. And you look incredible! love the posing pics 😛 especially your face in the first one! nice… so excited for the comp!

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Yeah when I’m finished you can borrow it! My boss from the summer suggested it and I finally got around to buying it!

      Hahahaha oh God, I was making a stupid face because it was a Friday night and I realized I was being so silly posing in my basement while everyone else is having a social life lol

      Yay! I’m super excited that you’re coming!!!!!

  2. Looking good Miss! Did u get a chance to check out our trip pics?

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Thank you! Yes I had a quick glance this morning – looking good!

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