Everyone Loves a Quickie

…don’t you?

Quick update! I get two more days of carbs! Hurray!

lol i love game of thrones
lol i love game of thrones

All of you fitness competitors out there truly understand and know the joy that comes from this underappreciated blessing of the sweet potato and the oat.

Why do I get two more days of carbs?

Well, dearest plum of a reader, my coach had a blonde moment about the date of the competition so I actually have more time to tweak this fine bod o’ mine.

Amen and hallelujah and waaaade in the water! 

Also, there is this totally fine specimen of a man that I have recently started noticing at the gym (mostly on Mondays).

I think he is my soulmate.

Or he is just really, really good looking and totally my type. Muscley – but not too muscley, tall, sexy milk chocolate flavour (I’m sure that is what he tastes like too! I’ll take a nibble next time.)

I always see him staring at me …but is he staring because he is interested? Or is he staring because I’M staring like a drooling freakazoid?!

A guy like him probably has a girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/fiance/crazy ex.

As if I’m worrying over such trivial matters as a guy I see at the gym on Mondays.

(But any advice will be greatly appreciated. Does one approach a guy at the gym? How do I know if he is interested? Why aren’t I more well-versed in the male specimen?)



2 Comments Add yours

  1. go talk to him! I wanna hear what he says! He must at least be interested in your workouts if he keeps staring! Just try to ask him about his workouts or start a conversation relating to the gym… obviously you’ll both have that in common! Exciting! (sorry for the exclamation mark overload lol)

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      LOL today is Monday. We’ll see!

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