Food Pornography: My Toronto To Do List

So there’s this (paraphrased) list of restaurants that I’d like to try in this vast metropolis of Toronto.

As soon as April 22 hits, you’ll find me spending money I should be saving on food that someone else has prepared with love and passion (instead of the utter disdain I currently share for my egg whites and dry chicken breast.)

  1.  Electric Mud BBQ
Peanut-encrusted spare ribs Credit: BlogTO

Electric Mud BBQ is located in the funky fresh Parkdale neighbourhood (West Toronto for you out-of-towners) and is run by the same fellas as Grand Electric.  Rated four stars on both Urbanspoon and Yelp, Electric Mud BBQ was introduced to me by our lovely graphic designer whom I email frequently. She raved about the food and the sensuous, delicious tattooed chef there. Sorry, what did you say about the food?! The cuisine is described as “traditional-ish” BBQ with some Tex-Mex flava. I’ve been so long without barbeque sauce, that this is the first place I’m headed. Gimme all da sauce!

2. Greg’s Ice Cream

Drool. Via CityNews

Greg’s Ice Cream is in the Annex — holla my old stomping grounds — and is another suggestion from my graphic designer friend. Apparently there is this to-die-for roasted marshmallow ice cream and she mentioned peanut-butter-and-jelly ice cream as well. Pardon me?! Rated four stars by Yelp and ranked number two on blogTO’s list of  The Best Ice Cream in Toronto, this seems to be the place to be this summer for melty-dairy goodness. They’ve been around for 30 years, just opened a new location in the Distillery District ….AND THEY HAVE A LIST OF 100 FLAVOURS. Cue anxiety/excitement/screw my competition right now feelings.

3. The Sultan’s Tent and Cafe Maroc

The raved about braised beef short rib. Via

I have walked by this restaurant a thousand times during an internship after my first year of university and it fell off my radar until I began walking by it again to get my lovely Maple Coffee from Second Cup. I’m not hugely knowledgeable about Eastern food (aside from sushi), so this restaurant would be lots of fun to try. Located on Front Street East (basically at the corner of Church and Front), this gem is somewhat hidden in a brownstone building next to a condo development and a book store. Rated three stars on Yelp and four stars on Urbanspoon (my bibles for food experiences, clearly), this restaurant serves a Moroccan atmosphere like none other – belly dancers and an authentic interior seems to be the verdict. A four-course meal for $39.95 sounds pretty good to an amateur like me!

4. Momofuku Noodle Bar –

Momofuku via TorontoLife

Supah expensive and located in the Shangri-La Hotel on University Avenue in the heart of Toronto. Modeled after the uber-famous noodle bar in New York City. Looks delicious, but probably too expensive for my cheap self – no prices online screams “we’re expensive” to me! Ha.

5. I can’t even write another post, because I’m getting too hungry and I’m lightheaded.

Let’s hope none of these places close in the two weeks!


Any other Torontonians have more suggestions of scrumptious restaurants for this suburban sprite? 


6 Comments Add yours

  1. I’ve decided that when I’m back from my trip we’re doing a Toronto date including the $39.95 four course meal at the Moroccan restaurant and then dessert at Greg’s ice cream 😛 that toasted marshmallow flavour sounds to die for!!!

    1. Paige Andrea says:


  2. Where I will join you: Yes Sure No Yes

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      You heard bad things about The Sultan’s Tent? Please elaborate…I’ve heard a few mixed things from reviews etc.

      1. Casey Palmer says:

        Oh, I just won’t join you because I’ve already been. I typically don’t go back somewhere unless I REALLY liked it.

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