Seven Days


I can’t even believe it!

I am one week away from my competition! Exactly one week from now, I will have completed my first competition ever and be enjoying a much-needed celebratory Keg dinner with my parents and little sister. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!

These past five days have been an experience. I’ve been carb-less for five whole days. Thursday is when I get my first carb of my carb load AND I CAN HARDLY WAIT! (I’m sensing a theme here…)

The first three days were hell in a handbasket — there is no other way to describe it. I have never felt so weak and physically exhausted in my life. I struggled to climb the stairs at my work — our offices are in the Dungeon, I mean, the basement — so going up and down has never been such a struggle. I’m not really hungry anymore – just tired! My workouts have slowed in pace, because I just don’t have the energy. I used to be super pumped throughout my cardio sessions, but now I have to dig deep to really complete those two 60 minute sessions.

I’m also experiencing some crazy stomach pains and nausea after eating my daily eggs in the morning (which I never experienced before!) I’m starting to think I’m developing a sensitivity to eggs, because I tried a couple of mornings without black coffee, one without my vitamins and then one without cinnamon on my eggs and so far, the constant variable has been the eggs. I read a bunch of articles on the Internet and I don’t think I have an allergy (allergy symptoms include hives and swollen, itchy throat but I just have terrible stomach cramps and bloating). I’m going to try just egg whites tomorrow morning and see if it’s a sensitivity to the yolks. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what I can replace the eggs with for my morning meals — I’ll try 3 oz chicken breast on Tuesday morning to test out my theory.

I had a charity posing session with my coach and another competitor on Saturday morning and guess what?



I think my strongest suits so far are:

  • my bubble butt (everybody be jealous!)
  • my T-walk
  • Sassy attitude

Thank goodness I have experience on stage (growing up a dancer), because I think that will help me place higher than someone who may get stage fright or not used to the bright lights, people screaming, etc. I was born to be a star, dahling.

Right now I’m drinking tons of water, but decreasing by the day until I am only drinking 250mL by 12PM on Saturday. Just killed 6L today, 5L tomorrow, 4L Tuesday, 3L Wednesday, 1L Thursday, 500mL Friday, and then my Saturday death. The clincher? I’m drinking my water mixed with dandelion tea – a natural diuretic – from Thursday on. A surefire way to deter me from drinking as dandelion tea tastes like pee! Delish.

My carbo load starts on Thursday and my last meal on Saturday is a banana with almond butter. DID YOU READ THAT?! A BANANA!!!! I am stoked beyond belief. Haven’t eaten fruit in months and months.

I’m off work starting on Wednesday – maybe Tuesday I’ll use a lieu day for, depending on how I’m feeling tomorrow at work.


Keep you posted.



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