A Little Dose of Positivity


Sometimes we have down days and we need to dig extra deep to find that positive thinking that will help to lift us up out of our gloomy thoughts.

I’ve made a list of things that help me feel better on those Mopey Mondays (FYI: Mopey Mondays can also happen on Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.) 

  • Talk to your friends. Email, text, call them. Good friends are a support system. Good friends will be there for you even when you’re whining about how you feel fat today or your boyfriend/ex-boyfriend sucks. Just make sure you’re not always negative: nobody likes a constant barrage of Bummy Brendas/Debbie Downers.
  • Write. I find writing is very therapeutic for me. Even if I don’t publish the post, writing is a great outlet for feelings. When I was younger, I had a plethora of diaries that I would make time to write in DAILY. (Insane, I know. I’m a creature of habit.)
  • Go on a Google/Tumblr hunt for cheesy inspirational photos and quotes. Make a list of these.  Print some out. Post them on your mirror. Compile them into a document to read when you’re feeling down. Post them on a blog to help other people if they’re feeling low.
  • On a similar note, go on Buzzfeed. Guaranteed laughs.
  • Go to the gym. GO UNTO YOUR GYM AND LIFT SOME HEAVY ASS SHIT. Man, this is probably the most effective and my favourite way to get rid of my blues (or at least make me forget about them for a while.) Exercise releases endorphins (and is distracting! Try squatting whilst thinking about your negatives…it can’t simultaneously happen. #Science.)
  • Drink lots of water. This is a great answer to everything. Sometimes coffee makes you too jittery and doesn’t help the problem. Water is great for the mind, body and soul. Poor guy is so underrated!
  • Snuggle with your pet. That is, if they are snuggly. I mean, if you can snuggle with your gecko…go for it! I wouldn’t recommend snuggling with your Japanese beta fish though. He may or may not DIE. Or a grumpy old dog like mine who is NOT HAVING ANY OF MY SHIT RIGHT NOW, SHE JUST WANTS TO SLEEP OKAY?! UNLESS YOU HAVE THOSE BEGGIN’ STRIPS. THEN MAYBE SHE’LL CONSIDER IT.

So, without further ado – here is some positive vibes for you beautiful people.

I giggled.






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  1. awesome! I was thinking of blogging today too about how writing can be therapy!!! hahaha I started a new journal after the recent fiascos and really find it helpful to vent my thoughts when my brain gets too full. ps: the pic of the half full cups is the best one!!! i really laughed hard!!!! 😀 thanks girl!

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Do it! It really is. Even if it’s a super short post or you only create a draft, it’s always a good outlet for feelings!

      And yes, that was my favourite one too!

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