19 Signs You Are Outgrowing Your Friends

This. Quite related to my last post/rant. It is something no one really talks about because, well, friends are forever, right? But sometimes…they’re not.

Thought Catalog

1. You often feel like they aren’t actually happy for you when you announce good news, and you’ve just stopped telling them a lot of it when it happens.

2. The interests you all have are drifting further and further apart, and each time you go out it takes longer to find something that everyone is going to agree on.

3. In terms of financial and personal responsibility, most people are not on the same level and can’t afford to do the same things.

4. You are looking at them as being increasingly young, even though you are the same age. You, at times, feel like they are still students when you are well into a career.

5. The ones who either have established a life path or who are committed to working hard on their dreams have already abandoned the friend group.

6. You are starting to resent always…

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  1. Casey Palmer says:

    Yeah, we’ve definitely talked about this. Some friendships will just alter over time, and that’s when you know you need to test them — step away from them for a bit and see what happens. If they withstand some distance, you know you’re all cool. If not, then the bond wasn’t as strong as you thought it was.

    I’m ready to have all real relationships all the time. Anything less, well — I don’t have the free time that I used to. Investing in things that don’t mean anything is just bad for business.

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