Six Weeks Out: Fitness Star World Championships 2013

Did you guys miss me or what?

I’ve been too busy to blog – gasp – and frankly, not feeling too inspired to do so!

So as my super creative blog title says, I am now a little under six weeks out from the Fitness Star World Championships.


This time around, training has been different for me in several different ways.

Even though I have more muscle mass and less body fat now than when I started training for IDFA back in January, I’m feeling impatient to burn the fat and see my my muscles in their true hypertrophied glory!

My logic? When I was six weeks out from my April show, I had already been training for seven weeks on a super clean eating plan whereas, this time around, I only started training nine weeks out from my competition so I’m ‘at the beginning’ — but I was eating better in my off-season than I had been prior to my previous show.

(This probably doesn’t make sense to you but it does in my head…just embrace it!)

Anyways…this late start into the dial-in phase of my training has me a little flustered. As I said before, I’m impatient to see my muscles – especially my six pack and gross chest muscles. Will I be able to burn enough fat to do well in Fitness Star? Eeeek, I’m stressed (probably not helping and adding cortisol to my mid-section and whatnot.)

I’m also intimidated because I chose – without my coach’s guidance – the fitness model category which requires a little more depletion than the bikini model category. I was confused – associations have different names for different categories. I’m intimidated as heck right now!

I’m antsy to begin my two-a-day cardios – I want to do them every day right now. Crazy right?! And I’m also going to be doing mostly step mill – again – but a full 45 minutes vs. only 25-30 minutes with a mix of arc trainer as I did for my last competition. THIS BOOTY DIDN’T GROW ON IT’S OWN, LADIES AND GENTS.

I remember feeling like this before my last competition: nervous that I wouldn’t shed the fat and I friggin’ came third in my division and wasn’t even expecting it! I just set super high standards for myself and going into this competition with a placing already under my belt has raised that bar to Shaq-level heights!

I also have some dirty negativity (read: insecurity) creeping into my brain. But I read a quote last night that gave me a little motivation for this leg of my training:

“I will not allow somebody with twice the genetics and half the determination be better than me.”

And maybe they have just as much determination as me…who knows! All I know is that training is a mental game and I’m a bit off lately.

I’m going on vacation from Saturday until Wednesday with no access to a gym so that is another stress on me. Fortunately, I’ll be somewhere with a beach so I’m going to do my two-a-days and as much body weight exercises as I can. I think I’ll be fine for arms, legs and chest – luckily since my family and I are driving down, I can bring some dumbbells and maybe the Olympic barbell my Dad discovered that he owned. (WHAT THE HECK, DAD?! TELL ME THESE THINGS SOONER.)

I’ve incorporated some more running into this training season because:

a) It’s summer and beautiful for jogs and

b) I’d like to see if it affects my abs and core strength.

If anyone as any suggestions for body weight exercises for back and arms with dumbbells, a band or no equipment, please let me know before Friday! And any nasty obliques exercises – need dat cut!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stacie says:

    ahhh we can be blog buddies now! I am sooo excited for you. I need to buy my ticket to Fitness Star so I can come watch 🙂 go girl!

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Wooohooo we gotta stick together! Ya come watch – and help me scope out some hotties for my single self! 😉

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