Fitness Star World Championships: 4 Weeks Out!

Kent Leckie Photography
Kent Leckie Photography

Hello sweet peaches!

It’s been two weeks since my last post – I don’t want you guys to get bored of my journey since I’ll be posting about my next ones as well!

This dial in has been way easier than my last one – what are no carb days? Easy as pie, baby cakes! Mmm, pie. Blueberry, peach, apple, raspberry…

I digress.

I’ve been doing my two-a-day cardio sessions for two weeks now – normally I would start them 4 weeks out (this week), but since my category is slightly leaner than normal, I need to burn alllll that fat!

I went on vacation to Kennebunkport, Maine with my family last week for a few days of beach, seafood and pure relaxation. It was my first vacation while training and it was an interesting vacation. Luckily, we drove down to Maine so I could bring non-perishables with me so I wouldn’t have to buy so many things that I already had purchased! I ate clean as a whistle with the exception of one night where I consumed homemade lobster rolls and a slice of blueberry pie – when in Maine, amirite!?

Homemade lobstah roll!
Homemade lobstah roll!

It was also an interesting experience, because I didn’t have access to a gym – no iron for 4 days make Paige a very sad girl! Instead, I ran 5K on the beach in the morning and did some HIIT in the afternoon/evening to change it up. Let’s just say I learned a lot about myself! I still love running – even though I’m a little bit rusty these days and I do NOT have the willpower to do HIIT solo. I much prefer weights and am much more motivated to work out with weights vs bodyweight. Personal preferences yo!

It's been two years since starting weight training and 7 months into eating clean! Happy IS the new sexy (and healthy)
It’s been two years since starting weight training and 7 months into eating clean! Happy IS the new sexy (and healthy)

I felt a bit off-kilter post-vacation but quickly made up for my lacklustre workouts with double 45 minute cardio sessions and extra power in my workouts – I missed my boyfriend, Gym!

Oh! And I accumulated – is that the right word? lol – a quad injury/pull on Saturday, which hasn’t happened yet. I’ve yet to be injured during training and this isn’t too bad, so I consider myself lucky. I’m not sure when it happened but I have a vague memory of feeling the little pull whilst on the elliptical and it’s gotten more sore over a few days despite stretching and ice application. However, I’ve been crazy busy and on my feet all day – and in heels for a majority of those hours! – so that lack of relaxation probably hasn’t helped my quad heal. It’s in a weird place on my quad – and I’m not an anatomy/kinesiology expert – but it’s on the outer, ‘top’ part of my quad: an inch and a half section right below my hip bone. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions as how to help heal it, I’ll be eternally grateful! (A typical quad stretch only works if I ’tilt’ and lean into my left side and a hip stretch doesn’t stretch it either.)

4 weeks out abs!
4 weeks out abs!

And my last but not least update from my life is – drumroll, please – I attended the Fitness Star Competitor Workshop yesterday afternoon and it was honestly the most fun I’ve ever had at a fitness competitor workshop before! I know I’ve only been to one and every association boasts to have a ‘family’/’community’ atmosphere, but this one was the real deal. Maybe it was because I had my Team Bunny there but everyone was so friendly and supportive of each other (which is super awesome when you’re practicing your T Walk in front of strangers – and boys! – in bikinis and spandex.)

Some of the Fitness Star beauties!
Some of the Fitness Star beauties!

I learned a lot about Fitness Star and I am totally digging their foundations, vision and mission. Fitness Star is spearheaded by two awesome (and mind-blowingly hilarious guys) James Erdt and Michael Ryan. I learned a lot about Fitness Star and the amazing (and unbelievable!) opportunities that can come from joining the Fitness Star family! Everyone connected via social media afterwards and shared photos from the workshop and it’s true when James and Michael said that you gain 15 new friends from competing with Fitness Star – we’ve already bonded over this amazing experience and I cannot wait until I rock that stage!

I’m feeling fantastic and positive and I’ll keep you updated!

Bachelorette Party Digs. Feelin' good!
Bachelorette Party Digs. Feelin’ good!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Stacie says:

    You’re hilarious. And awesome!

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Thanks girly! Can’t wait to see you sooon!

  2. thekittchen says:

    Ahhh I am from Kennebunkport! Hope you had a great trip!

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      No way! That’s crazy! We have family friends with a beach house there so I was on Goose Rocks Beach alll day every day!

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