How To Not Be Completely Destroyed By Rejection

Insanely relevant for me today. (Yes bodacious blondes like myself get rejected, too.) 😉

Thought Catalog

It starts simply, with a call or text that isn’t returned, then a period of a couple days where nothing happens and you start to worry. It’s easy to spot the signals of rejection when they present themselves but there are some people who remain oblivious and proceed to flood their object-of-interest’s phone with little freak outs that, while an attempt to draw that person closer, only serve to alienate the person more.

You and your friends have stories of crazy exes or crazy dates that just wouldn’t get the hint. You can go on pretty much any online dating forum and find stories of crazy girls or crazy dudes who started out innocent but progressed to dangerously creepy stalker territory. You laugh at these stories and you think about times in your past when you’ve been on the receiving end of creepy, and then you start to wonder if…

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