10 Days Out: A Cake-Less, Booze-Less Birthday


So it only seemed appropriate that I write a post.

It is also 10 (well, nine and a half now) days out from Fitness Star World Championships.

And it is my second (out of seven) days of carb depletion.

Now this is my second competition, so the end is not as far as before – I can see the light! Seven days without carbs?! Give me a challenge, baby!

THIS is where you start to see results. Two hours of cardio a day plus a weight training workout – oh baby. HELLO SIX PACK, I HAVE MISSED YOU. 

This competition will be different from my last one because I have my Team Bunny girls by my side so my support system has increased tenfold. It will be such an amazing experience – I cannot wait to get all spray tanned and bikini bitten with these amazing, inspirational girls! The best part of being on a competition team is having a support system of like-minded girls who have the same goals as you and more importantly, TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have fantastic non-competing friends and family, but you don’t know my struggle until you’ve spent three hours in the gym DAILY on no coffee, carbs and you’re choking on dry chicken dreaming of condiments and oats. So it’s fantastic being surrounded by people who know the mental challenge you’re experiencing – because at this point in the game, it’s allllll mental, baby!

As my dad always says, VISUALIZE. So when I’m tearing the shit out of my triceps and my quads are burning on the leg press and I’m whining on the step master/arc trainer/treadmill, I’m visualizing the stage and killin‘ it!

So, it’s my 24th birthday – I remember when I thought I’d be married with a kid by 27; LOLZ – so here’s a nice chronology of some birthdays of mine. Enjoy the throwbacks and don’t laugh at me!

  • 16th Birthday

    AKA the year I became addicted to body modification
  • 18th Birthday:

  • 18th Birthday

    Black & White Party (Inspired by Laguna Beach)
  • 19th Birthday

    tree musketeerz
  • 19th Birthday

    standard gym attire
  • 21st Birthday
  • 22nd Birthday

    the year i looked like a bronzed babe
  • 23rd Birthday

    i love key lime pie and retro hip hop gear
  • 24th Birthday – TBD

    mmmmmm chicken cake



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Stacie says:

    I lost it at chicken cake.

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      LOL carb-less Paige says silly things.

  2. I Love it! and Happy Belated 🙂
    Isaac J. Hall II

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