Fitness Star World Championships 2013

It’s 5:30AM at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and the sun hasn’t begun to peek over the buildings, but it’s time to get our dehydrated booties up. Daniella and I have been waking up every hour on the hour, worrying about streaking our fresh spray tan.

It’s show day, baby!

Hair, tan, make-up –  the final steps which create the bow on our otherwise stellar package. (Yes, that is a humblebrag.)

I’m feeling nervous but excited – get me on that stage as soon as humanly possible!

Pumping my muscles up!
Pumping my muscles up!

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Fitness Star was a different experience for me since I was competing with a team and knew more people than at my IDFA competition in April. It was a ton of fun and I met a lot of great like-minded people. New friendships were made and existing ones were made stronger – I guess that’s what happens when you spray tan as a team (naked!) and spend a loooong 17-hour day together munching on chicken, sweet potatoes and rice cakes!

Going on stage for my T-walk was a different experience for me this time around – I felt so comfortable on stage and I felt like I was truly in the moment and could slow down and really appreciate and have fun on stage! I have never felt so great in my life – I still can’t get over how comfortably I can walk in plastic heels and a teeny bikini in front of a huge crowd of people I don’t even know! But I love every single, dehydrated second of it. Can I T-walk to work every day, or…?

I also felt crazy confident in my posing which is a big deal for me since I was competing in a more lean category than I did in my last competition – there was a lot of fierce competition in my fitness model category, but I got first call out!

Fitness Star also had a sportswear round which comprised 30% of your score. You could wear a sports-themed outfit and this round was to show off your personality and marketability as a fitness or bikini model. This round was a lot of fun too and I used it to show off my sassy, cheeky side – I even kissed both of my biceps! People laughed, okay?! I felt like I rushed a little bit in this, because I wasn’t entirely sure what my routine was going to be but I think I did pretty well overall. At the end of this round, James Erdt (the founder and announcer for the show) announced that we would be doing an impromptu 30-second posedown. (These are usually reserved for the boys in bodybuilding shows – I was so nervous! What was I going to do?!) But I just showed my back a lot and smiled my little heart out and hoped for the best! Apparently I looked comfortable, so I’m pleased.

I didn’t place top 3 in my category but I received a lot of positive feedback from other competitors and I’m just waiting on the scores right now! I feel confident in what I brought to the stage and I’m glad I (semi) last-minute decided to compete at Fitness Star. I feel like I’ve gained a lot more stage confidence and posing experience for my next two competitions in the fall. I’m excited and so happy! Cloud nine is a beautiful place!

Fitness Model
Don’t I look like an ATL housewife?!

I have a lot of people to thank for my big day at Fitness Star World Championships 2013 and I want none to go unnoticed!

  • Thank you to Amy from Total Image Hair Salon for re-blonding me and making me that California blonde I was born to be! I feel so fresh and so clean, clean!
  • A huge thank you to Claire Aviles from Donna Dolphy Hair for doing such a spectacular job on styling my hair – and being too sweet (she ate her breakfast outside of our hotel room so we wouldn’t be tempted!) I looked and felt like the sassy blonde superstar that I am. ATL housewife anyone?!

    fitness models
    Daniella and I rocking our ‘dos and spray tans! I look so tired haha. 
  • Another big thank you to Kat Roberto for doing my make-up: I barely recognized myself – that was how good I looked! I wish I knew how to do my make-up as well as she did, but I’ll just leave that to the pros.

    Make-up: Kat Roberto
    silly nakey selfie
    make-up: Kat Roberto
  • Thank you to Arianna Lorza at SunFX for my luscious spray tan in Rapid Caribbean. We had a couple of mishaps but in the end, my skin looked like I just came back from a year long vacation on the sun-soaked white sand beaches of Jamaica.  …And I still do – people on my commute to work gave me strange looks today!
  • Thanks to my coach Jill for teaching me all I know in this crazy, still-new-to-me world of fitness competitions! I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her! She is the reason I can destroy that stage and leave it in smoke after my T-walk! (I’m not even joking.)

    Fitness and Bikini Models
    Me and Daniella posing on stage!
  • Sportswear beauties
    Me, Ashlee, Laurene and Daniella doing Sportswear!
  • Thanks to my hubby Carina for surprising me and coming to Fitness Star on Saturday. I had no idea she was coming to watch and when I heard her cheering for me during my T-walk, I almost burst into tears! People don’t realize how much support means to people on stage – no matter how many times you’re on stage, supportive friends and family mean the world!
  • Thanks to my pro bodybuilder friend. Stephan at Goodlife Fitness in Yorkville for bestowing his personal training wisdom on me and making me do obliques-centric mountain climbers and helping to build my back! And thanks for showing up on my big day to cheer me on! I need a big cheering section for this ego, obviously.

    Fitness Model and Bodybuilder Pro
    Me and Stephan after Sportswear
  • Thanks to my parents for coming to watch me compete and being supportive as usual – not many dads will carry a pink, sequined Victoria’s Secret bag in public when you’re too tired to lift anything! And thanks to my mom for hiding the almond butter so I wouldn’t attack it in my weak moments. And thanks to my little sisters who sent me good luck texts and asked me 408 times if I won throughout the day!
  • Thanks to my Team Bunny girls for being the (hot) rocks to lean on when I needed support and/or someone to vent to. Marta, Laurene, Daniella and Ashlee – you girls are awesome and inspirational and I wouldn’t be teammates with anyone else!
  • Bikini & Fitness Model
    Daniella and I – soul sistas! I couldn’t have done it without this girl!
  • Team Bunny Fitness and Bikini Models
    Marta, Ashlee, Daniella and I
  • And last but not least, a HUGE thank you to Miss Stacie from Team Bunny who was our stand-in coach for the day while Jill was off kicking ass and taking names at the CBBF Nationals in British Columbia. She helped us when we were panicking, got up close and personal when she glued our bikinis to our bums to avoid the ever-threatening wedgie, hung out with us all day long (17 hours plus is a long time!), calmed our nerves, cheered us on, took amazing photos of us and encouraged us. I am so lucky and grateful to have a teammate like you and I’m so glad that we’ve become fast friends! I cannot wait to compete alongside you at UFE Halloween Mayhem in October!
    Bikini biting!
    Stacie gluing my bikini to my butt!

    Team Bunny Coach and her girls
    Me, Bunny Coach Stacie and Daniella backstage!

I met a ton of awesome new people – Kyro, Kyle, Christian, Dushanka, Candice, Maria- and I hope we run into each other at future competitions! Thank you to James Erdt, Michael Ryan and the rest of the Fitness Star staff who made it possible for all of us to live our dreams and shine on stage! Fitness Star is an awesome federation and I would totally recommend Fitness Star to anyone who wishes to compete – amateurs and seasoned competitors!

Fitness models
1st Place Muscular Fitness Model, Kyro and I!

Now it’s on to my next journey: building my back and all the rest of m muscles for UFE Halloween Mayhem on October 26 and IDFA World Championships on November 2.

I’ll keep you updated!


One Happy Girl

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Stacie says:

    I am sooo proud of you! You’re amazing, you rocked that stage. It was such a fun day and I’m so glad to have been involved. You and the other Team Bunny girls have motivated me more than ever after Fitness Star! Every day I am in the gym working on my bootay in hopes that it’ll look as great as yours!! And also you made me cry a little just now.

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Stacie!! Please don’t cry – you’ll make me cry and I’m at work so that’s awkward! I honestly couldn’t have survived that day without you – you are so selfless and thoughtful of a person to dedicate that ghastly amount of hours to helping us out! I hope I can do the same for you at one your (many) future competitions!

  2. Wow! you look amazing, huge well done. inspirational!!

  3. glad to hear all this post-comp 🙂 I’m happy to know that you’re happy with how it went regardless of not placing! I thought you seemed a bit bummed Sat night- but you killed it regardless of your placing! Every competition is such an accomplishment- I am so proud of you and inspired by you and I’m SO HAPPY they let me come watch for free!!!! xoxo

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