SIX WEEKS OUT: UFE Halloween Mayhem

I was bullied into writing a new post by Casey and Justin SO HERE IT IS.

I also figured I should keep with tradition and write a pre-competition post.

Blah-zay-blah, I’m six weeks out from my next competition and let’s just say I am feeling fan-freaking-tastic. I have some pretty sick, two-weeks-out type of abs going on right now. And I am killing my workouts – I just feel strong, motivated and all that good jazzy jazz.

sleepy paige shows off her six-weeks-out abs!
sleepy paige shows off her six-weeks-out abs!

It’s different training for your THIRD (umm, what?!) competition. I feel like an old, seasoned pro. It probably helps that my coach, Jill gave me a brand, spanking new training and meal plan so it’s refreshing to do.

I just have a whole new outlook on things and I’m not sure how I can put it into words. Let me start by saying that I have my new training plan until four weeks out which means I technically do each work out four times. SO I MUST MAKE THOSE FOUR TIMES A KILLER WORK OUT. I find breaking the work outs down like that helps to make my end goal seem closer and makes me push harder during my work outs. (It’s not like some tiny little door at the end of one of those never ending hallways, y’know?)

It’s probably important to note that I started training IMMEDIATELY after my Fitness Star competition (but didn’t eat that clean afterwards..eek!) so I only gained 5-7 lbs and my body fat is still relatively low (and a lot lower than it was post-IDFA Novice Classic.)

And since I have been training religiously and eating clean for almost 10 months now, I finally can see major physique changes. Delts popping? Yes. Obliques showing at six weeks out? Hello. Ripply, sinewy chest muscles? SUPER SEXY FOR A FEMALE, HELLO. Am I more vascular now than I was dry at my first competition? Yes, Bob, I am. I feel fantastic and like I will bring a stellar package to the UFE Halloween Mayhem stage.

i am basically in love with my new tank
i am basically in love with my new tank

Speaking of Halloween…for UFE Halloween Mayhem I’ll be branching out and competing in both bikini and fitness model category. (I told you this year was the year of grabbing life by the ….horns.) Since this is a Halloween-themed show, I will be making a Halloween costume! I am about 45% done creating it…and by that, I mean, my mom still has to do some detail-y things, because what is sewing?!

I am super excited, because I get to go on stage not one, not two, but THREE glorious times! Twice in my bikini  – my new one from Colleen! – and once in my stupendous halloween costume. Speaking of my bikini, I am going to Colleen from the Crystal Suit on Saturday to pick a new suit! I know what colour I want. but Colleen will share her wise wisdom on what looks best on my bod and on the stage and how to outshine all the other girls. (Okay maybe not that last point, but that is what I’m looking for!)

Oh, you want to know what colour I’m thinking of? And what my costume is? I don’t think so, sweet cheeks. You’ll have to either come see me at Halloween Mayhem or check my blog/Facebook/Instagram for dem visual updates.

(Also, nobody is coming to watch me at Halloween Mayhem, because my parents are on vacation so, please come. I will bake you cookies. And I will wink and blow a kiss at you.)

Oh! And at the suggestion of, I started up some model profiles to broaden my modelling network and (possibly) get some work. So check them and this out.




6 Comments Add yours

  1. Stacie says:

    you are such a babe! kill dem workouts and rock that stage lil sushi xo

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      thanks bubby! right back atchaaaa xx

  2. I’m competing at Halloween Mayhem too 🙂 I’ll be doing fitness model and figure so we’ll be in one class together, you are looking great, especially 6 weeks out. Good luck with the rest of your training and I’ll be following along to see what I’m up against 😉

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Hey lady! Thank you! That’s awesome – we should definitely meet up at Mayhem! Is this your first UFE event? I heard it’s huuuuumungous so I’m nervous! Love your blog too! Best of luck girl! 🙂

      1. I did UFE Halloween Mayhem last year as well, which was my first (and only) competition. It was pretty big and they put on a great show, but it’s not overwhelming at all. And everyone is so friendly! You will love it 🙂 And yes, we will definitely have to meet up!

        1. Paige Andrea says:

          Oh that’s fun! Okay now I’m a little less nervous! I’ve never done such a huge competition, even though this is my third one! EEeee now I’m excited 🙂

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