Once Upon A UFE Workshop

So there were these two blonde girls. One was short and one was tall.

They were like, “Yo, let’s go to this UFE Workshop, because I hear you can learn a ton of cool stuff there!”

UFE Halloween Mayhem

So these two girls went and these two girls DID learn a ton! I had heard good things about UFE, but this workshop really cemented my feelings about UFE. It may be a giant BASH of a competition (over 2,000 people watching?! Aiiiiiiieeee!) but it has such an awesome and friendly atmosphere (no entourages allowed backstage! #NEWFRIENDS.)

Check out what the tall girl Stacie learned from UFE’s Competition Prep Workshop here.

UFE’s Competition Prep Workshop was the third competition prep workshop I have attended in my amateur stint as a fitness competitor. I have attended both IDFA and Fitness Star’s competition prep workshops and they have all been so different!

They usually start with an intro info session from the president of the federation, who is Sean Everingham in the case of UFE. But the awesome part about UFE’s workshop: DUOTANGS. DUOTANGS FILLED WITH PICTURES AND INFORMATION. SO. MUCH. DETAIL. It was perfect. Sean is such an awesome guy for making these duotangs for us visual learners – also he is like, super freaking cute?! Why did I not know this before?! Swoon.


Then there is the mandatory pee/change into your posing gear and/or undies/eat your chicken or fish/ask questions/get personal break. Stacie and I used this opportunity to talk to Louise from Monaco Sun about tanning options for the day of the competition. (My parents are on vacation and I’ll be staying at my sister’s place in Hamilton so I needed to figure out my day-of application of tan, since I doubt my little sister wants to lather me in Jan Tana in the nudie.)  If there are any non-creepy, female volunteers, please let me know.

Oh! Humblebrag alert: I almost forgot to mention that I WAS SITTING NEXT TO UFE PROS, Erica Willick (UFE Bikini Pro Champion), Brianna Mogg (UFE Fitness Model Pro), Carmen McDonald (UFE Fitness Model Pro) and Louise Winders (UFE Bikini Pro).

After the break, UFE Bikini Pro Champion Erica Willick spoke about her current ventures and personal experience in the fitness world and I have never expected to learn so much from a 10 minute talk. Erica is a mom AND a full-time accountant – ummm you should see her bod, IT IS BODACIOUS – who is the co-founder of Sisters in Shape, an awesome community of like-minded, strong fitness-oriented females. She is also a published fitness model (she was in Oxygen magazine! My dream!) and also helped start GORGO, a new online women’s fitness magazine.

This is one busy woman! She spoke about her experience as a fitness model in the industry, but she also spoke specifically to women – as men aren’t as susceptible to this behaviour – about being body positive. This spoke to me, because I know that I have always been critical of my body – thanks to years of wearing leotards and tights, comparing my body to the other more lithe 5-foot-7 fellow dancers. Even though I have transformed my body into one that I now love and am proud of, I am still very hard on myself and can become body negative. Erica spoke about how, as a fitness competitor, being body negative affects your surrounding peers, because we are ‘more likely in better shape than they are’ so what does it mean when we say we hate our love handles/thighs/bat wings? Ever since the workshop on Saturday, I have tried to make an active effort of being more body positive and thinking less negative thoughts. Like, “I love my triceps” instead of “Why are they holding so much water? I hate them.” I forget that I have a little sister who probably looks up to me – whether she’ll admit or not haha! – so I need to be more positive.

Who knew I would learn something so awesome?! 

After Erica spoke, Brianna spoke about her work in the fitness world and how to professionally obtain sponsorships and photo shoots (and that it’s okay to freak out about going on stage.) Awesome takeaways from Brianna’s talk? 1. FOLLOW THE HELL UP WITH PEOPLE. 2. Talk about what YOU can offer people. Nobody likes someone who always talks about themselves! (PREACH, SISTER.)

Then we broke into smaller groups to practice posing and our walks. Stacie and I worked with Louise who is probably one of the sweetest women to grace this planet. I am so glad I came to this workshop, because I would not have known about the differences in the UFE posing process than my past competitions – quarter turns in bikini comparisons, anyone? 

My advice to any future or current fitness competitors? ATTEND ALL COMPETITION PREP WORKSHOPS. Especially if you have never competed with that federation before. You never know what you’ll learn and you don’t want to be looking like a fool doing half-turns instead of quarter-turns. NAW MEAN?!

Check out Sisters in Shape and GORGO online – get dat motivation girl!


It’s triceps and shoulders day – save meeeee!



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  1. Stacie says:

    just so much love for you and your blog… 25 days girl, #getitinya

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Thanks boo! Lets doooooooo it (Man Voice)

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