S.O.S.! Last Day of Carbs!

lolz be prepared!




I have one more carb meal of the day until….





8 glorious [sic] days of zero carbs and only eggs, tilapia and chicken breast. With my oils as “sauce”. #blessed

This is my third time doing a carb deplete before a show and dare I say I AM A PROFESSIONAL?! In fact, I’m kind of excited about it! (Ask me how I feel on Saturday, though.)

I know my workouts will suffer due to lack of energy and strength but I’ve been absolutely murdering my workouts lately which is a new thing for me so close to my competition! Yesterday, I was squatting 145lbs x 12 reps and decline leg pressing 360lbs x 12 reps. Hi, I’m a beast apparently?! Still feeling strong which is definitely a good thing: every dial-in is different!

Yeah that’s 4 plates, baby. Off-season brings 5 plates?!

This past weekend was also my third – or second big – holiday that I was in training for. My Thanksgiving consisted of 4oz of turkey breast and some steamed broccoli. My little sister made a rainbow chip cake with Reese’s Pieces and it was taunting me from across the table as i drank my water pretending it was chocolate syrup or something other than zero-calorie water. OF COURSE THANKSGIVING WOULD FALL ON MY NO CARB DAY OF THE WEEK. Self-control is majorly tested at these sort of gluttonous holiday feasts. I even skipped out on a Thanksgiving Monday brunch at my aunt’s house, because I knew my willpower would falter with more pumpkin pie temptation spawn of satan shoved in my face.

My sad Thanksgiving.

I also spent this weekend dealing with some bad news: my precious 13-year-old cockapoo queen b*tch hasn’t been doing so well health-wise, so my parents decided we were going to take her to the vet so she could go to Doggy Heaven. Today is the day my parents took her the vet so I’ve been anxiously awaiting to hear the news – making it hard to concentrate at work and properly punctuating this blog post. Jamie lived a long life – 13 years! That’s 91 human years! – and she’s battled several other illnesses, which she overcame kicking like the Mangialardi family member that she is! I’ll be writing the most TANTALIZING, AMAZING Instagram eulogy for the most boss dog to ever walk this planet. I’ll miss you, little bum: no dog had a better booty shake than you with your little nub tail.

The best dog a girl could ask for. She went from a little sister to an older sister. Growing up with a pet is one treasure I have been blessed with.

A couple more happy updates:

  • I’m going with Stacie Peppa to see my fellow bikini babe Daniella compete at the 2013 GNC Live Well Winston Invitational: an OPA Regional Event which leads into Provincials and then Nationals and then ….you get the picture! Super excited to see this girl crush the stage – should I make a glittery sign?! Should I be obnoxious and catcall like a crazed construction worker?! Methinks yes! 
  • On Sunday, I’m going to see Colleen to pick up my Crystal Suit bikini! I am beyond excited to see how good it looks. (Plus I’ll be 4 and a half days into my carb depletion so I’ll be looking fly and sexy — fly and sexy is the motto Stacie and I have made up for the rest of training!)

So in sum, I’ve got 11 days until UFE Halloween Mayhem and 18 days until IDFA World Championships.

Let’s rock it. No matter what comes your way – you can do it. Because if I can, so can you. No excuses. Give 200%. Sweat is hot.

Stay fly and sexy, beauties.




5 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m still hating that you had to skimp out on Thanksgiving.

    No competition in my life is worth missing out on pumpkin pie.

  2. I love the saying! Will be using that for sure over the next 12 days, and then excessively day of the competition. haha. What time are you picking up your suit? I am picking mine up on the Sunday too, mayhaps we will run into each other before the comp. Can’t wait to see you on stage!

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      hahahaa gotta stay motivated during these crunch days! I’m picking mine up at 11AM. PS I love that you said “mayhaps”.

      Woohoooo see you at the comp!

  3. Stacie says:

    you can squat me and then some. let’s try this weekend!

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      OMG let’s! I know I can definitely squat your willowy slim bum!

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