Blonde and Carb-Depleted: Peak Week!

My favourite little almond babies ❤

Day 6 of Carb Depletion.

…I’m alive.

Three whole days of no carbs left.

I dream about carbohydrates: cupcakes, a big bowl of oatmeal with natural peanut butter, rice cakes with peanut butter and jam. DROOL.

I’d say I’m dying, but I’m drinking more water than most people drink in two weeks. Do you know anyone who drinks 8L of water in a day?! I’m down to 6L today and let’s just say, I’ll be getting paid to pee!

Also – I seem to breaking out more now that I’ve upped my water from my daily 4L to 8L? Any nutritionists care to comment?! I’m freaking out!  Is it because toxins are being pushed out?

Just because I’m no carbs, it doesn’t mean I’m not busy! Here are some weekend updates from a carb-depleted blonde:

  • On Friday evening, I watched my best gal, Carina run at the Halloween-themed Trek or Treat run in Oakville. She shaved minutes off of her personal best and came in under 25 minutes – so proud! She also won overall for female! I’m so glad I came and watched her, after all of those times she came and supported me at my competition. Friendship is a two-way street, you know!
  • Then, I drove to Peterborough to have a slumber party with Stacie Pepz and hit the gym in the morning. We woke up at 5:30AM on Saturday morning and crushed a biceps/shoulders workout at 24/7 Family Gym. GETTIN’ SHREDDED. 
  • More driving to Cobourg to hit up the OPA Winston Invitational to watch my girl, Daniella Ventresca compete in the bikini category. And GUESS WHAT?! She annihilated her competition and came first in Bikini Short! It was sooo awesome watching her do her thang onstage and she KILLED IT. Stage presence and physique out the wazoo! She advances to provincials at the Toronto Pro SuperShow! So proud of my little almond butter baby!
    Being silly at the Muscle Insider booty booth! I mean, booth.

  • After the longest (and coldest! Damn you Cobourg Community Centre and your weird air conditioning in the middle of October!) day, I drove home to sleep in my bed (with two pairs of pants and two sweatshirts on.) I had gotten a total of 8 hours of sleep in two nights, so I needed a reboot – was feeling like a zombie!
  • Woke up late (8AM) Sunday morning to do my fasted cardio, before driving down to see Colleen and pick up my Crystal Suit (and drinking my 8L of water.) I just want to wear my new suit ALL THE TIME. It’s suuuuper work-appropriate, obviously.
  • Last night I did all of my meal prep for the week, including boiling 2.5lbs (or 40oz) of sweet potatoes. It was torture cooking them when I couldn’t eat them – such a tease! Three. More. Days. Two and a half now, really. I already feel fantastic about my physique – let’s hope I didn’t peak already! EEEEK.


I know it’s not Festivus yet, but I have a couple of grievances to air out:

  • I became soooo irritable while I was driving. I don’t normally have a ton of patience – Leo problems? – but I was downright ready to Hulk smash anyone who drove the speed limit this weekend, especially on Sunday. #CanYouNot
  • This is my third competition, which means it’s my third carb depletion and my parents are driving me nuts. I know I have mentioned before that it’s hard for a non-competitor to understand the thoughts and emotions of a competitor – especially a week out from a competition, but my parents still struggle to understand that I have extremely low energy levels and TIME IS PRECIOUS. As much as I’d love to road trip with them to Waterloo to watch my sister play soccer, that two-hour road trip plus the actual 2-plus hour of game time is a total of four hours that I cannot spare. I think I sat down for a total of one hour yesterday to legitimately relax and I was still up until 10PM doing competition prep. It’s frustrating when they think I’m being lazy, yet they don’t see what I really do and how I really feel – ON NO CARBS.

I am super pumped for UFE Halloween Mayhem on Saturday. Watching Daniella compete on Saturday and smelling that spray tan smell really jacks me up! If you asked me a year ago if you’d find me admiring the physiques of bodybuilders, fitness models and physique competitors on my Saturday whilst eating chicken from a Tupperware, I would tell you that you were crazy, now pass me the chocolate almonds before I go drink my face off tonight and get hungover and waste my day tomorrow.

Now that I’ve been thrust into this super supportive, inspiring and positive world, I don’t know if I’ll be able to live without it! Fitness competitions have made such a positive impact on my life and I have never been so happy – yes, even during carb depletion, I am still happy! Everyone comes from somewhere and I already feel like I have grown and improved so much since my first prep back in January, both physically and mentally.

To all of my UFE competitors, stay positive and push through! You’ve got this, I know it.


Keep posing,




5 Comments Add yours

  1. Stacie says:

    we are da cutest lil trio I ever did see. sweet potz soon bbg!!! love everything you post.

  2. You go girl! KILL IT!!!

    1. Paige Andrea says:

      Thanks girl!! Eeeek! Are you coming?!

  3. Deb Dutcher says:

    Wow Paige,
    I am so impressed with your commitment, dedication and focus! Such an inspiration.

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